Getting your dissertation work done is a crucial task and the main aim of a researcher, but is that the only thing he/she should be looking for? Well- I think no! There is one more task to do with your dissertation work, which is mainly either neglected by the majority of people, or they fail to do so. What we want to discuss here are the key points to get your dissertation published in a journal. You can also search for writing services to expand your perspective regarding the topic.


Best dissertation writing services UK will help you create a piece that will fit to any peer reviewed journal. Publishing it in a journal is like you are baking a coffee cake which smells and looks delicious, but you aren’t giving it to anybody to taste. The aim of the dissertation will not be complete unless you publish it, so that everyone can get benefit from that or can give you feedback (either positive or critic).


  • Choose the journal to publish


The first key point is to look for the appropriate journal where you can print our research article. A question might pop up in your mind regarding- What do you mean by the appropriate journal? A relevant journal is one in which you can publish your dissertation. It means that the scope and area of the journal should be aligned with your topic. For instance, research on ‘how to maintain your diet’ cannot be published in a Mathematics journal discussing different algorithm and equations section. While looking for which journal to publish on, always look for the best possible journal in your domain. This might look an underrated point, but this is key element for the success of your article in the journal.


  • Shorten the length of dissertation


A dissertation is usually a long, detailed research work carrying out some conclusion with itself. While publishing it in a journal, we should always readjust and resize its length. The size of the article should be shortened while publishing it in a journal. We can rephrase the dissertation work and look to exclude the information that is not necessary for the journal.


  • Readjust the abstract and introduction


You will be glad to know that we don’t need to make any extra efforts here to publish our research article in a journal. The abstract is typically shorter than that of the dissertation i.e. 100-250 words.


Discussing the introduction, we don’t need such lengthy intro for the journal as well. We can cut off any extra information from the opening. Like, if our research work has 2-3 research questions, but we don’t need all of them while publishing. We can exclude the questions which are not related to the article to be publish, including data related to that unrelated question.


  • Precise research work


We always go for in-detail work while working for research work. This can be an imposed condition from the University or the requirement of the research itself. We don’t need to believe and work with the same methodology for the journal, as we did for the research article. Making the research article precise would make it better for the journal. Don’t include every single detail instead look for the relevant points.


  • Keep your conclusions and references short


We will always try not to repeat any results and findings while writing for a journal. Make it simple, clear, and don’t use the same idea again and again. The same thing will apply to the references section, only mention those references which are accurate enough and which are directly relating to the article. Try avoiding the idea of citing references to increase the number of referrals.

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