You will find many reasons to visit and stay in HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA in Spain this year. Here are just five to get you started. The very first is to go to the La Malvarrosa and Cabinal-Areanas beaches that provide visitors from April through October with opportunities for skating, walking, swimming, playing tennis or sun bathing over the golden sands of the Mediterranean shoreline.

The Pinedo Beach is a lot more secluded with golden sand dunes and plants that allow its visitors to wind down with a bestselling book, bathe on the shore or frolic in the water in very clear blue waters. It is just south from the yacht port where the sailing club features a restaurant and will be offering dinghy sailing and wind surfing. Beaches are introduced plus there is a seafront promenade in the Paseo Maritimo.

Next you should visit the countryside of Valencia to experience the beautiful hills, canyons and gorges together with a jewel of character: the springs that are situated 90 kilometres north of the city. The natural hot springs reaches 77 degrees Fahrenheit all year around. The hot springs are at a lagoon to frolic within the water, diving, explore the caves or just to have a family picnic.

The main tourist place to visit may be the Bellas Artes Museum where history and culture meet with collections from many famous Spaniards artists. The paintings by Juan Valdes Leal, Luca Giorand, Thomas Yepes, Augustin Esteve and Alanso Cano along with sketches, sculptures or products from the 16th century are outstanding. The museum has three floors of galleries to see in what is really a location to visit if you want artwork along with history.

One should try to celebrate one of the festivals held every year. A festival which occurs in March with an evening parade and a procession with flowers is the Nuestra Senora p los Desamparados (Our Lady in the Forsaken) as well as the famous Fallas during which ugly and humorous decorated cardboard figures are burned. About June 25th the country’s holiday occurs which honours the patron Saint of Spain with parades and fireworks. The last festival occurs in August: the La Tomatina tomato fight festival where thousands of people take part in throwing over 240,000 pounds of tomatoes at one another inside the greatest food fight.

The final choice is always to visit the magnificent the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas that was built through the 15th century. It is the country’s ceramics museum with pieces from Picasso, items of Chinese porcelain and exhibits from the Valencian kitchen. HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA for just about any holiday is certainly a journey but stay at a holiday apartment in old town and, in just minutes, you will be at the beaches or museums. Many holiday houses are available to rent include well fitted kitchens, modern amenities and all are affordable.

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