Muslims are afraid to speak against radical Islam. Maybe they are afraid of their fellow Muslims, afraid of dying, maybe afraid of Allah. A contrast with Christianity is seen.

Islam, the world's second largest religion, has concerns that are often overlooked.
1. Not just Islam, but anyone, by their silence, gives consent to that which they should protest. In the case of Islam, a billion Muslims should be protesting the terrorist acts that kill innocent people that are not fighting Islam. This lack of protest mars Islam as a religion of peace.
2. Fear of being killed by the militants may be a motive for Muslims who are silent. Like the Bible said of Ishmael, his hand would be against every man and every man against him. There is a militancy in their nature that is against peace and negotiations between them are often frustrated.
3. Fear of death. In contrasts to Christians who don't want to die, but are not afraid to die for Christ because they are confident of knowing God and have assurance of salvation in Christ, Muslims may not be sure they have done enough to merit the 72 virgins or other benefits after death.
4. Fear of Allah. This may be the reason for the above Islamic fears. Their religion seems full of vengeance and it suggests their need to appease Allah's vengeance. The idea of convert or die is not the kind of God that Christians serve. He says, “Come, let us reason together.” Isaiah 1.18.
5. All of the above may also cause a fear of investigating other beliefs, and this leads to bondage. Every person should have the freedom to choose the religion that makes the most sense, guided by the light of reason that is based on evidence.
In the case of Christianity, the disciples were afraid and ran from Christ when He was captured. But something transformed them. With the exception of John, they all died a martyr's death. Would we be willing to die for a lie, if we had not really seen their Lord risen? Hardly. An empty tomb with eye-witness accounts reflected by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is far better evidence than a single testimony by Mohammed who said we should kill everyone that doesn't accept Allah.

The Bible is not one book, but 66 books written over 1500 years by men who were inspired to give a common message of God's love with a plan of salvation for mankind. His provision includes us in spite of our failings. He empowers us to be overcomers and to share a destiny with Him. Good works are a result of our faith because we can never thank Him enough for dying for our sins. We can never earn our salvation by good works, but we will be rewarded for them.

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