“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence - which, I believe, does make the woman.” - Mary Kay Ashe

ONE. Dressing rich on a limited budget and feeling great in whatever you wear, requires planning. Start by concentrating on the classics. Fashions that have been around a long time and include straight pencil skirts, or A-line dresses that you dress up or down are among the classic styles. Other styles include: blazers, white button-down shirts or blouses, pumps and pearls.

Imagine your garment as a decorative extension of your body. Now, create a mix of styles, ideas, and accessories that describe unlimited statements of who you are or wish to become. For example, when wearing your favorite outfit, you create an attractive statement by highlighting your best features. Another statement may be to hide any figure “flaws” at the waist, hips, or bust line with unusual belts, sassy scarves, or eye-catching jewelry.

TWO. In planning what to wear, always know and choose styles that fit your body type. Are you tall and slender? Petite? Full figure, or busty? Certain designs call attention to certain areas of your body. So, be thoughtful of your fashion choices, and the image you may be sending out to the observer.

Your image may be dramatic, professional, or sophisticated. When you see fashions displayed on a runway model, the effect is more exaggerated. Yet, this picture-view of a garment gives you a key in selecting modern, wearable fashions, and gives you suggestions on how to create your own taste and style.

THREE. Taste is not limited to expensive fabrics or elaborate creations. As such, with each garment you select and purchase, it is up to you to create the finishing touch in a way that reveals what you want others to see about your image.

For a true fashion statement, ask yourself these questions: Are the majority of your garments professional, glamorous, casual, classic, or sporty? Which part of your body do you emphasize or hide the most? What area can the garment be made more appealing with a touch of your own individuality or creativity?

FOUR The physical concept of fashion then, may be in the continuing change in styles that are accepted and followed by a substantial number of people in modern society. To succeed, these physical changes to fashions must take place many times during a fashion season.

FIVE. What makes fashions effective and unique? When wearing a particular garment, or one of your favorite garments, or accessories, what about the creation of it makes you stand out among others? Is it the shape or the way the garment fits, hangs or falls naturally on your body? Is it the color and texture of the fabric? Or, is it the design of the accessory, or the unique way the garment is constructed?

It is the combination of all these elements that give your fashions their usefulness. Each element lends support in creating the means by which you develop your own individuality. And all of these elements should be used to help you create your complete fashion statement.

When making your fashion statement, remember that whatever fashion you choose to wear, be confident and wear it well! And always consider the effort and cost that go into the physical creation of your garment. Whether you are working with a limited budget, or have excess funds to shop, just stay true to yourself.


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