Five Expert Tips To Up Your Makeup Game
Makeup artistry is a form of art while we may not all be makeup artists to ace each look. However, we can make use of some tips to perfect the techniques that instantly up our makeup game. From right eye shadow application to picking up the right lip colour, here are five makeup tricks that’ll sure make you nothing less than a diva.

Skincare is the key

You can definitely fake dewy skin with makeup, but for that blinding glow from the inside, you need to remove your makeup before you hit the bed and follow a skincare regime. Sleeping with makeup on hinders the skin’s natural process of repair and becomes dull. Always make sure to slough away every trace of makeup with a calming cleanser followed by a serum and nourishing night cream to do the job while you’re asleep.

Smudge it off

If you cannot draw the sharpest line with your eyeliner, a smudged look is just perfect for you. Use a little mascara and kohl along your lash line and smudge it. Don’t forget to keep the rest of the face glossy to balance out the look.

Don’t shy away from bold colours

A bright red or a full of drama fuchsia, bright lips can instantly perk up the look. Add a pop of colour on your lips from red, coral, hot pink to orange, then top it up with a defined liner on the eyes to work the entire look.

Say yes to Liquid Blush

This season is all about a flushed look, and it is simple to achieve with a quick swipe of colour across your cheekbones. Dabbing blush on the apples of your cheeks and nose can make you look more awake, brighter, and healthier. It’s a go-to makeup trick to look fresh on the go.

Match your eye shadow to your attire

In the phase of a pandemic, a face mask is a new accessory without which we cannot step out of the house. So, it’s a good idea to give your smoky eye palette with black and brown shades a break and choose some hues for the season.

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