Amidst a time when our cortisol (stress hormone) levels are at an all-time high, even the wellness cynics are willing to massage their pulse point with a relaxing essential oil. After all, the herbal healing treatment takes us back to ancient times and has been lauded again for its miraculous benefits. Inhaling in the essential oil vapor calms the mind and changes the brain pattern instantly.

Essential oils are a natural, holistic way to address so many wellness issues that take birth from the stress in our lives. From easing tension to improving sleep, it also provides a boost of energy during a midday slump. Here we bring you our exclusive edit of must-have essential oils to de-stress and rejuvenate.

1. RAS Luxury Oils Peppermint Essential Oil, Invigorating and Refreshing

This rejuvenating essential oil is an effective remedy to soothe you inside out. It’s a natural therapy to alleviate headaches, sore muscles, stress, and anxiety. The pleasant aroma calms the mind and de-stresses the body completely.

2. Organic Harvest Rosemary Essential Oil

This plant-derived goodness is what you need for a relaxing time at home. Its woody aroma helps in soothing the stressed mind, relaxes muscle fatigue, and enhances emotional well-being, healthy hair, and skin.

3. Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil

This 100% pure and natural lavender essential oil instantly uplifts mood and relieves stress. It is refreshing and widely used for treating anxiety. Add this oil to control acne, hair fall, and have a goodnight's sleep. Either add a few drops to your massage oil or use a diffuser.

4. House of Aroma Vetiver Essential Oil

The earthy fragrance with a touch of lemon is just perfect to calm those stressed nerves. It is known for its muscle-relieving therapeutic properties. Use this natural oil to de-stress your body, mind, and even soul.

5. Clay Jasmine Essential Oil, Sensual & Soothing

The heavenly aroma of jasmine symbolizes positivity and warmth. Its comforting aroma reduces depression, fatigue, stress and relaxes the body. The restorative properties of this oil also make it a must-have for that healthy and glowing skin.

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