Five Efficiency Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Are you looking for an edge to your real estate business? Have you heard about the advantages of adding a CRM solution to your administration and marketing activities? CRM’s benefit sole agents or large corporates, every CRM is completely customizable to your needs, allowing you to tailor its functions to your exact business requirements.

CRM Real estate solutions allow you to stay in contact with your client list and turn it from a database of names and information, into a powerful tool that can advance your business. If your current database involves a combination of post-it notes and an Excel spreadsheet, then it’s time to update your operations to a CRM solution and harness the power of your data.

#1 Increase Commissions

The number one reason why real estate agents leave money and deals on the table is a lack of effective organizational skills. Keeping on top of a database of thousands of contacts using manual strategies will take hours out of your day and require a lot of effort on your part. Using a CRM can dramatically cut the time you spend marketing and following up with your clients, allowing you to focus on other income producing activities such as closing deals.

#2 Stay Connected

Communications have changed dramatically over the last two decades. Since the introduction of the smartphone in the past 10 years, communications have become instantaneous, and the information is now available on-demand, wherever you are in the world. Your clients demand the same immediate response to their questions and queries with your company.

The faster you can attend to their query, the more impressed they will be with your customer service and the better your chances of closing the deal. Your CRM solution will notify you immediately of any queries form your database and allow you to respond in real-time, keeping your clients satisfied with your level of customer service.

#3 Automate Follow-up Tasks

Follow-up is the area where most agents fail in their marketing activities. With a CRM you can automate your follow-up strategy and save yourself countless hours that you can spend tending to other areas of your business that require your immediate attention. You can set up an automated follow-up system to email your clients every week with a new follow-up message every week, allowing you to keep your offer relevant.

You CRM will notify you of all conversions and queries that occur at any stage of the follow-up cycle. It is said that real estate agents only follow-up once after the first contact with the client. The information then either becomes lost or pushed to the wayside for new leads. This strategy could be costing you money as research shows that most clients’ only converted after the firth follow-up message. A CRM will automate your follow-up and never let your customers and prospects down.

#4 Automate Marketing Tasks

Creating and executing effective marketing campaigns can be a nightmare if you are trying to do it manually. Trying to send personalized email offers to a list of thousands of prospects will take hours. Why go through all this hassle when you can use a CRM system to automate your marketing for you? Create a sales funnel using an email marketing campaign and then execute it using your CRM system. The system will send a weekly newsletter, offer, or call to action to your client base and even personalizes the email to the details of the particular customer.

#5 Build a List

Your list is the heart of your business, without it, you have nobody to market to and no one to follow-up. Building your list into a database that is easily accessible and highly functional will interest potential investors or buyers of your business. Adding a CRM system to your database turns it from a list of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, into an efficient, well-orchestrated marketing and lead generating machine that brings you more business.

Wrapping Up

Using a custom CRM solution to manage your client data just makes good sense. In today’s information age, the more freedom of access you have to your data, the easier it is for you to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves to you. Call your CRM consultant at Rethink today and arrange a trial of their CRM, we are confident you will find it a revelation to your business operations and marketing.

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Robert Alleson