Today, I have cool domain names ideas for you. Ideas that will give you a clue on how to get started in owning a unique domain name for your website. That domain name will be yours and yours alone, no one will use it as long as you don't fail to renew it once it expires. There are many websites that have got tools for creating domain names. When you use such tools, make sure that you stick in searching names that are within your niche market.

Get as many names as you can and don't forget to save them using either Microsoft word or excel spreadsheet for later scrutiny. If you would like something a little more efficient, there are many great domain names software for assisting you in analyzing demand and supply of certain keywords. Check individual words to see if they're available as domain names. If a dot com is obtainable and it looks great after scrutinizing, grab it. Don't wait nor procrastinate!

Five Cool Domain Names Ideas

1.) Go for Dot Com: Dot com is the extension that majority of online entrepreneurs use. Any other Top Level Domain Name (TLD) such as dot net or even dot info is simply likely not to be used by surfers. They're only used where they're more appropriate than the dot com. For instance, if you're involved in networking, then dot net is more appropriate. If your website is about information, you need to use dot info (an example of this is "").

2.) Do Away With Hyphen and Numbers: If it's a choice between, and, choose the dot net. People are not likely to type the hyphen or the numbers on their browsers, unless they wrote them somewhere so as not to forget.

3.) Use Least Number of Letters: Another cool domain names tip is to use the least number of letters as possible to explain what you do. If for example one owns a group called the unlocked, would be the perfect domain name. If that person finds that it's already registered, then she should consider registering Keep in mind that each and every extra character is a possible typing error.

4.) Use Your Site Concept: If you can't think of a descriptive domain name, use another method based on your website's content (concept). Choose a memorable but brief title that will stick within people's minds. Get a great logo and include the actual domain name within your market niche. This is called branding and this is a great way of owning a good quality domain name. This has been tried and tested to have worked very well.

5.) Ask People: Ask people around you for domain name ideas including your sweetheart, friend, attorney and business consultants. They're more than likely to give you some important tips. Many great ideas have come from asking people, visiting places and by brainstorming deeply.

If you're able to save a few dollars with your own domain name or by buying a cheaper domain name, do it. Use some money to get your website positioned better within the results of search engines or advertise your website using Google AdSense.

Most newly created domain names aren't expensive, they cost between $10 onwards. The bad news for you to keep in mind is that it might take you a while to come up with the perfect name using these cool domain names ideas.

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