Many times, customers lookout for electrical questions answers online. They do find the answers online, but the issue is not every answer is correct. This is the reason why you have this blog, where you will find answers for five of the most commonly asked questions. Go through them and get the answers right away. It is always better to know about the solutions for a few things; that way, you will also understand why some electrical issues arise. Also, if you face any electrical issues, better get in touch with a reliable electrician in Houston. Always allow some professionals to get into the matter because they are the experts in this field.

Now, let’s get started with the five commonly asked electrical questions.

What is short-circuit, and why does it happen?

Short circuits may not always be dangerous, but if it happens repeatedly, then its time to get the problem resolved. Most of your electrical systems have hot wires that carry some electrical current. In case the wires become grounded, a short circuit may occur. Some of the common reasons why this may happen are- exposed, lose, or frayed wires, which cause electricity to get diverted from its original destination. The main reason why you should not take this lightly is that short circuits often cause heat to spark out, and that can be really dangerous. That’s why if you see something like that happening, give a call to your trusted electrician.

What is the main difference between a breaker and a fuse?

Both fuse and breakers have the same task to accomplish. In case the electrical circuit senses some kind of faults, both the fuse and breaker will start breaking down the flow of electricity. In case a fuse blows out, you will have to replace it each time the fuse does its job; however, the circuit breaker is nothing but a small switch that needs to be flipped up once tripped, and the issue will be resolved.

What are GFCI outlets? What do they do?

GFCI outlets have a particular purpose to serve. In case there is any moisture present, this special electrical outlet will shut itself in order to prevent electrical shock. GFCI outlets can detect variation in any in the electrical circuit and then shut off the power supply in case there are any variations. You will find these outlets mainly in the kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor applications, as well as garages. In case it flips, you will see a small button, which will allow you to reset it. 

My lights are flickering, what is the reason?

There are many reasons why the lights in your house are flickering. If you live in an old house, then it is better to call a professional to get the problem resolved. Light may flicker if you have old wires at home, an outdated electrical system, voltage is low, and so on. It is not necessary that flickering lights always mean something dangerous, but it is better to let someone come to your place and find out the root cause. Maybe the circuit is drawing a lot of power; probably, the wires need to be replaced, and so on.

How can I be sure if the electrical panel is safe?

If you want to be sure that your electrical panel is working correctly, make sure to change them if it is older than 20 years. Everything has a life expectancy, and so does your electrical panel. However, the best way to be 100% sure whether your electrical panel is safe or not is by calling a professional electrician in Spring TX. They will tell you about the condition of your electrical panel.

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