As a business owner, I have developed a keen sense of the attributes of people who are highly motivated as well as those qualities that lead to counter productive behavior. Regardless of the industry, customer service is key to the success of your business. Unfortunately, there are many examples of people whose poor customer service has been memorable: people who have left us on hold and forgotten about us, waitresses who never return to our table, the customer service person who leaves us on the phone for several minutes. We all have experienced poor customer service at some level.

While eating lunch at a restaurant in a busy airport, I met a waitress who I will call Paula. This waitress was exceptional. Before I could drink the last sip of water, she appeared at my table, ready to refill my glass. I found it impressive. However, it was not impressive by Paula’s standards because she later asked if I needed anything before she went to the restroom, saying “I didn’t want you to need anything during my absence.”

Paula possessed phenomenal people skills, which made my layover very pleasant.

Upon her return, Paula came to my table and asked again if I needed anything. During the time I was there, the restaurant was busy, and Paula had several other customers at the same time. However, I could see that she was constantly attending to their needs as well.

This was a chain restaurant where the average lunch cost less than $15.00, yet her service was better than service I have received at an upscale restaurant. The cost of the product should not determine the quality of service you receive. If you keep this in mind, you will create win-win relationships.

Before leaving the restaurant, I asked her how she developed such exceptional customer service skills. She commented that she had been a waitress for years and that she had no special training in customer service, indicating that she was “grateful” to have a job. We know that people who are grateful are happier and more fulfilled, and Paula continued doing her job with a happy disposition despite her circumstances.

Her service was impeccable and clearly demonstrated how Five Attributes Can Lead to Exceptional Customer Service. I refer to them as the PAULA(sm) Customer Service Success Program:

1. P Pleasant Personality. A pleasant personality is fundamental to creating positive energy with those around you. Paula greeted me immediately with a smile when she introduced herself. When you greet people with a bright smile, people appreciate your pleasing disposition. This facilitates the removal of negative energy and a customer friendly environment results.

2. A Attitude that is positive. Her positive attitude was readily apparent. This resulted in positive interactions and helped me to readily see and appreciate her excellent customer service.

3. U Understanding customer’s needs. Knowledge of your products/industry is essential and will be key in understanding the customer’s needs. This understanding is essential in providing superb customer service. This allowed Paula to effectively manage the needs of several customers simultaneously.

4.L Laughter. A sense of humor does a lot to create a pleasant environment. Most people will appreciate someone who is warm and friendly, and this is a positive step in creating a loyal customer.

5 A Attention to the customer’s needs. When you pay attention to your customer, you create a win–win situation. This helps foster a stronger relationship with customers. Paula made a lasting impression and I was grateful for her service. She gave me immediate gratification so I wanted her to know that I appreciated her service. Therefore, this resulted in a win- win situation.

If you want to possess exceptional customer service skills, I recommend that you follow the PAULA program. Paula displays all the attributes needed to provide exceptional customer service for any industry.

Employ the PAULA phenomenon on a daily basis and enjoy the positive ratings you will receive from your customers, and the loyalty you will enjoy from them.

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