Five Additional Reasons Why So Many Guitar Teachers Won’t Ever Make Good Money & How You Can Be The Guitar Who Does

By Tom Hess

Making a crazy amount of money as a guitar teacher is much easier than you think. With this in mind – most guitar teachers will probably only make enough money just to get by (at best). However, it’s not because they aren’t skilled enough, live in a small town or don’t have a lot of experience. Instead, it’s because they are making very common mistakes that are repeated over and over throughout the guitar teaching community.

The following are five fundamental reasons why the majority of guitar teachers do not make tons of money, and how you can learn from the misunderstandings they have and accomplish total financial freedom as a guitar teacher:

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #1: Not Actively Advertising Guitar Lessons During Slower Periods Of The Year

Many guitar instructors know that there are active and slow months for guitar teaching. A lot of them will promote their guitar lessons heavily in the more active months, but neglect promotion during the slower months (such as from June to early August).

However, know this: there are ALWAYS guitar students trying to find lessons regardless of what time of year it is, and the best guitar teaching businesses are frequently promoting their lessons all year round to attract them. To grow your guitar teaching business and make tons of money, you must INCREASE your advertising efforts during the slower months and get all of the students that other teachers are missing out on (learn more on this topic by reading this article about how to keep your guitar students throughout the summer).

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #2: Teaching Guitar Lessons To Flaky / Problem Guitar Students

Here is a terrible myth you should not believe as a guitar teacher:

“No matter what you’ll always have to deal with problem students.”

Problem students are the students who are a pain to work with because they always show up late, don’t pay on time, complain, never practice and try to tell YOU how to teach them.

Fact is, you do not and SHOULD NOT work with these problem students... and guitar teachers who earn good money never do. Why? Here are just a few reasons why teaching these kinds of students will be the kiss of death for your guitar teaching business:

*Problem students who step all over you by coming to lessons late, not showing up, asking to pay late, etc. – they gain power over your time and ability to earn a great living teaching guitar. Additionally, when you spend a lot of your time with these kinds of students, you are actually missing out on time you could be using to work with serious students who actually want to learn.

*Your teaching schedule will dwindle and dwindle until you no longer have any students left. Problem students almost never stay for longer than a month at most, forcing you to constantly scramble just to replace them and break even.

*These problem students never make significant progress. As a result, they quickly leave lessons and tell everyone that you are simply a “bad teacher.”

Here’s what to do: use a strong lesson policy to ward off these student types. Spell it out very clearly that you are only looking for serious students who want to become better players, and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to reach their musical goals. Explain to them how following your policy will help THEM become better guitarists much faster. Then ENFORCE your policy with absolutely no exceptions (in other words, stop teaching the students who won’t follow it).

This is how you will attract all the right guitar students while repelling the problem ones. Truth is, the most dedicated guitar students are searching for a serious guitar teacher who is as serious about teaching as they are about becoming better players – and who do NOT work with people who aren’t committed to learning.

Few guitar teachers have the guts to implement such a lesson policy with their students. However, for those who do they always have the best, most dedicated, most high-skilled and satisfied students…and always make a lot more money than everyone else.

Learn how to build an easy-to-read, strong lesson policy for your guitar teaching business in this free resource about earning great money as a guitar teacher.

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #3: Copying Other Guitar Teachers

Most beginner guitar teachers have no idea how to effectively teach guitar or build their businesses (since they’ve never had guitar teacher coaching). Their only method for learning about guitar teaching is looking at what other people are doing and copying it. So, if this is your only way of learning, and you are learning from unsuccessful guitar teachers who barely make enough money to get by, what will be the result? That’s correct, you’ll at most get the exact same low results and eventually end up failing just like they do. You become just a copycat guitar teacher who offers the exact same rates, teaching methods, formats and approach as everyone else.

If you really want to make a lot of money teaching guitar, don’t copy the exact same methods as other local teachers. Instead, begin developing the best ways to teach guitar and set yourself apart from the other teachers in your town.

Read these examples to learn how to quickly do this for yourself:

*Don’t merely become a teacher who provides “general” guitar lessons. Instead, promote yourself as someone who teaches in a specific style such as blues, metal, or jazz. By promoting yourself in a certain niche in your area, you set yourself up to take control of that demographic of students.

*Never advertise your lessons as “low priced” guitar lessons - provide the highest RESULTS to your students and ask a price that represents the amount of value they are receiving. Remember: your students don't really just want “guitar lessons” - they want the result of taking their guitar playing skills to the highest level.

*When you pride yourself in getting the biggest results for your students (vs. offering cheaper rates than some mediocre instructor teaching guitar in his bedroom), both you and your students become the winners.


Get guitar teacher coaching to find out how to transform your guitar students into killer players fast. By simply training with an expert to improve your guitar teaching, you will give yourself an excellent credential that other local teachers do not have. This credential will help your guitar students make faster progress, give you the opportunity to charge more and will set you apart from everyone else around.

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #4: Not Being Aware Of Who Your True Competitors Are As You Work Towards Earning More Money Teaching Guitar

When it comes to being the most high-paid and successful guitar teacher in your city, who is the strongest competitor that stands in your way? If you think it’s “the other guitar teachers in my local area” or “online guitar teachers”, you are 100% mistaken. In reality, YOU are your one, true competitor! Without being aware of it, you are holding yourself back in so many ways - by having cheap pricing, a weak teaching model, NO business model, lackluster marketing, poor lesson policies, etc.

Want proof of this? Fill out this assessment to see how prepared you are to build a highly successful guitar teaching business and see for yourself.

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #5: Ruining All Chances For Financial Growth By Using The Same Guitar Teaching Formats

You should never be merely seeking to “get more students”. Your goal as a guitar teaching business owner is to continually offer MORE value and get more results for your students (your current and future ones) while making significantly more money in the process.

“But how do I do this?” Good question! The best guitar teachers (who earn multiple more than $100k per year) use unique and creative guitar teaching models that give them the ability to add massive value for their students, while reducing the amount of hours they actively teach by 50%. Watch this guitar teaching video to find out how easy this is to do for yourself.

Here is what the leading guitar teachers absolutely do NOT do: teach one on one private lessons exclusively (which is what almost all guitar teachers do). This is the worst teaching format to be generating added value and producing greater results for your guitar students.

(You might be wondering how I know this is the case for leading guitar teachers... It’s because I’ve personally trained nearly all of them.)

Most guitar teachers don’t actually see themselves as “business owners”. They only think they are “guitar teachers”, because they are uncertain of how to take their “business” serious (and 100% commit to becoming better, more profitable guitar teachers through guitar teacher coaching). This one fact alone is a massive contributor to why most guitar teachers never make good money. The main idea is, all of this comes from your own IRRATIONAL fears. Stop holding yourself down and start investing into yourself, so you can overcome these career-crippling fears. Once you do, you'll finally get onto the path to earning a 6-figure income as a guitar teacher, while working part time hours, AND getting awesome results for your students.

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