Prostatitis will have a great impact on men's sexual ability. Also, it will lead to urinary system abnormalities and affect normal life. Therefore, once diagnosed with prostatitis, effective methods should be used as soon as possible. Generally, people will choose the antibiotic treatment. If prostatitis is recurrent, they may choose the natural medicine for treatment, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

It repairs damaged tissue, removes toxins, and restores your reproductive system. Simultaneously, it can improve your immunity and self-healing ability, enhance the defense ability against bacteria and infection, and prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Nowadays, many bad habits, such as excessive sexual life, prolonged sitting, smoking, drinking and so on, can cause prostatitis. When patients find the following five urine abnormalities, it may indicate prostatitis.

1. Frequent urination, increased urine at night

The prostate is located at the bottom of the chronic bladder, covering the male urethra. When prostatitis occurs, it will have an impact on the urinary system. The frequency and urgency of urination are common symptoms.

It is because prostatitis causes prostatic edema and congestion, causes the patient's bladder to contract continuously, causes frequent urination symptoms, and increased urine at night.

2. Pain

Prostatitis can be divided into four categories, all of which have similar symptoms, such as pain. The typical pain site is pelvic pain, which is located in male pubis, lumbosacral and perineum. Sometimes, it presents radiation pain, mostly in the urethra, testis, spermatic cord, groin, the inner side of the abdomen, etc. when patients go to the toilet, the pain symptoms are apparent.

3. The urine line is bifurcated and has a long-range.

When the healthy human body urinates, the urine line will not have bifurcations, and the range is far. If there is prostatitis, prostatic edema and congestion will compress the urethra, affect the normal urination process, and make the urine line of the patient present bifurcations.
At the same time, the urine line will be thin, the range will be short, and the patient with the serious disease will even have wet pants.

4. White secretion at the urethral orifice after urination

The white secretion after urination is called urine white, which is caused by physiological and pathological reasons. Generally, the number of urine white caused by physiological reasons is lower, because the male hormone level is too high, the secretion of prostate fluid is more, and when the prostate smooth muscle contracts passively, it will cause urine white.

However, the occurrence of urinary leucorrhea caused by pathological reasons is usually prostatitis and urethritis. And prostatitis leads to repeated congestion of the prostate, makes the prostatic tube expand, and the prostatic fluid will flow out of the urethra, forming the phenomenon of urinary leucorrhea.

5. Discomfort during urination

In daily life, if the patient has discomfort in urination during going to the toilet, it is likely to be caused by prostatitis. The reason is that the inflammation will invade other urinary system parts of the body, such as the urethra and peripheral nerves, causing the patient to have a sense of pressure discomfort.

During urination, the sense of pressure increases, causing pain discomfort. The degree of pain is related to the inflammation, so many prostatitis patients. The process of urination is more painful.

Prostatitis is a common disease that affects urination and sexual function and has a great impact on life. When the above five symptoms are found during the period of going to the toilet, it is necessary to take active and effective treatment to alleviate the discomfort.

In daily life, men should pay attention to the protection of their prostate, do not stay up late, ensure the quality of sleep, do not smoke, do not drink, and maintain the right attitude. Besides, they need to have a moderate sexual life to prevent prostatitis.

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