Yoga can help you lose weight is not only shaping, but also help you exercise, can effectively improve the headache, shoulder pain, lower back pain, physical pain and other pain problems oh. Xiao Bian today to see you recommend a few to help you fitness yoga Bar

Yoga breathing methods

Yoga breathing methods and correct completion of action just as important. The correct breathing method can exhaust the body such as excess carbon dioxide removed from the body, while fresh oxygen filled in all parts of the body to enhance their effect. Breathing the wrong way will lead to insufficient supply of oxygen, making the body lose their balance and even lead to damage the health.

Abdominal breathing

The promotion of diaphragm movement, so that the oxygen supply and carbon dioxide emissions even smoother. Since the use of abdominal muscles can be active in the large intestine function also contribute to weight loss. Abdominal breathing posture suitable for rabbits, butterflies and other sitting posture or lying down, and do not waist pressure action.

Action essentials: full-lotus sitting, hand ring in the stomach, then the middle finger with both hands intersect. Inhale, lower abdomen, like like a balloon Inflation. Breath, hold your hands into a flat stomach.

Xiongshihuxi France

Exhaled breath inhaled over a long breath, so the lungs can fully expand to enable enhanced lung function. Micro-chest pain when inhaling, which is the phenomenon of blocking the body breath and adopt the correct breathing method of natural pain will disappear. Xiongshihuxi method is suitable for cobra posture, gestures and other ships to the stomach and waist-to exert pressure on the need to maintain a longer period gesture.

Action essentials: full-lotus sitting, hands placed ribs. Breathing, chest open like a rib. Breath, the ribs return to its natural state.


Action Name: Rabbit-style

The head and neck to relieve tension, promote head blood circulation, so that the head lighter.

Before going to bed or start work, insist on doing every day for more than two times.

Action essentials:

1, kneeling knee sit down.

2, upper body bending forward, abdominal affixed to the knees, arms straight forward.

3, hold the position for hands in the back cross.

4, buttocks slowly lifted, from the forehead to the head followed by the ground and then fixed on the ground. Want to improve results, like the head is turning the ball 5-8 times, can quickly relieve a headache.

5, cross hands in front of the maximum stretch, adhere to 35-50 seconds. Breathing with abdominal breathing.

6, the body Quanqi slowly got up and returned to the original action.


Action Name: Cobra-type (variant)

Twisting the upper body exercise before meals, after meals can increase gastric motility and ease the pressure on food on the internal organs and thus enhance digestive function. Habitual indigestion to do 2-3 times every day.

Action essentials:

1, lying on the ground, legs spread apart, the width and shoulder width, as on the chest next to the Shuang Zhang.

2, straight arm, upper body lift.

If you're a beginner, to complete this difficult position, you can put the arm moving forward, as long as the line does not affect the spine.

3, suction, as far as possible turned to the left side of the upper body. Note line of sight to turn the right heel, so that the upper body into a spiral.

4, breath, facing forward. Then breathe with Xiongshihuxi method.

5, and vice versa. 3,4 Step to do the same action 10 times.

Would like to improve the effect, do the sets of legs close up action.

Shoulder pain

Action Name: Arm stretch-type

A long time in front of the computer or the body is a long curved posture tends to shoulder fatigue. This position can ease the spine, arms, shoulders, neck, etc. of the muscle pain. Insist on doing two or more times a day.

Action essentials:

1, a leg, the plate sitting on the ground.

2, affixed to the left arm bent behind.

If you often feel the heavy arms and shoulders, you can always do this action.

3, with right-handed catch on his left elbow to the back of the head direction of pull. Adhere to 10 seconds.

Note that when you do this movement will not bend or bow.

4, with Xiongshihuxi method of breath while bending upper body into a curved, persist in 5 seconds.

Note that bend to the back of the neck and the back has been feeling tense.

5, repeat steps 3-5, after the action two times slowly lifted his upper body breathing, in the opposite direction is the same.

Stiff neck

Action Name: boat -

The neck pain will affect the shoulders and spine, it should promptly eliminate neck fatigue. Ship position can effectively lift the neck, chest and shoulders stiff muscle fatigue. 1-2 times per day.

Action essentials:

1, sitting on the floor legs straight. Arms stays behind, fingers pointing to the body, palms and buttocks away feeling beat up.

Note hips and knees close together as possible.

2, with Xiongshihuxi suction method, while legs straight, buttocks lift.

Note hips to try to lift, making the body into a straight line, ankle also close together.

If it is not for beginners legs, feet close together and knees are not strong enough, can be used yoga auxiliary belt for legs.

3, head thrown back. Neck relaxed, eyes closed, breathing persist for more than 10 seconds.

If you're a beginner, can open legs, and hip width, knees bent at right angles.

4, buttocks first landing.

5, pushed back waist and slowly lift the upper body.


Action Name: The next dog-style

If the body lacks the energy necessary for daily life, it is easy fatigue. This position can promote the shoulders, legs, spine, blood circulation, relieve the deadlock of the muscles, increase body energy. Insist on doing two or more times a day.

Action essentials:

1, stays in the palms and knees. Then his arms perpendicular to the ground his knees close together.

2, with Xiongshihuxi suction method, while the buttocks lifted up his arms and legs straight.

Note fingertips should be parallel, palms and fingers to be firmly fixed on the ground right wrist and arm in order to avoid the burden too heavy.

3, breath, head down to the body, triangular in shape, adhere to 10 seconds.

Note that try to straighten his legs, to the Achilles tendon and calves to tighten the state.

If you're a beginner, can not straighten his legs, legs can be separated into 11 characters, the same width as the width of the buttocks.

4, left leg off the ground to stay three seconds, like the walking legs and took turns to do the same, repeat 3-5 times.

5, knees touch the ground to restore the initial posture, rest for a while.


Action Name: Bridge

Lack of abdominal strength, so that the strength of the waist to bear too heavy, easy to cause low back pain. This position can enhance the spine of the forces to relieve the burden on the waist to ease the symptoms of low back pain, you can also play a role in correcting the spine. Insist on doing six times a day.

Action essentials:

1, lying on the ground, knees to hips perpendicular to the width of the separation of the ground. Shoulders relaxed as possible.

2, using abdominal breathing, while breathing with the soles of the feet and arm stays in, and slowly began to lift from the hip spine.

If the beginner feel too much pressure on the knee, knee Zhang was able to open some.

3, try to lift up the body arched crotch, breathing 3-5 times.

If the waist, full power, then held in the arms perpendicular to the ground state of breathing.

4, breath, while the lower part from the neck began to touch the ground, repeat steps 2-4 movements five times.

5, arms and legs to relax naturally touch the ground, arms and legs to gently shake the end of movement, rest.

Note that if the soles of the feet but not all the land outside the dump, then the instep fatigue.

Physical pain

Action Name: butterfly

Butterfly movement can stimulate and open the high-joints, thereby eliminating the physical pain, so that the normalization of ovarian function, adjust the non-regularity of menstrual cycles. Insist on the effect of practicing a sustainable two months.

Action essentials:

1, flat soles of the feet relative to paste sit on the ground after the heel close to the body as far as possible.

2, hands clinging to legs, upper body bending to the navel with the next phase after the heel paste. Note Do not let your knee tilt.

3, forehead touch the ground with abdominal breathing breathing, adhere to 30 seconds.

Note that after the hip and waist tension, inner buttocks out sheets, the upper body bent down as far as possible.

Beginners find it difficult to grasp the ankle, then can be changed.

4, body curled into the curve slowly got up. Repeat 5-10 minutes would be better to do.

Would like to improve the effect, can be waved like a butterfly-like wings up and down shaking knees, repeat 30 times.

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