Many people may prefer weight loss because, so far that is the holy grail when we talk about being healthy but the truth is something different which is discussed in detail in this article, come let us choose our right goal to preside over a healthy life.

Weight loss vs fat loss:
Do you need to lose your fat or your weight, most of the people think that weight loss or fat loss might be the same but it is not so,

Weight loss can be achieved only by severe dieting and doesn't require any proper training whereas fat loss requires the correct intake of nutrients and proper training and guidance.
Weight loss is the result of the loss of muscle, fat, and water in our body whereas fat loss is the loss of stored body fat.
Major issues associated with weight loss are decreasing fitness and strength with the poor performance of our body, early, and immunity reduction.
Whereas fat loss will improve your fitness and strength which allows your body to perform at a peak. As a result, delayed aging and reduces the risk of diseases.
Reason for getting fit is more important than losing weight:
Lack of fitness is more to blame than being obese. Of course being obese is not a good sign to lead a healthy life. Cardiovascular disease is the effect of obesity.
Obesity comes as a reward not only for consumption of more calories than what is needed by your body but also due to lack of physical activities and living a desk-bound lifestyle. More than obesity, fitness has the serious effect on mortality.
According to researchers, the effect of cardio respiratory fitness on mortality is not affected by age, alcohol intake, smoking status or health conditions but by the lack of physical activities.
Compared to most fit men and women, the least fit men and women have a higher risk of causes of death and Cardiovascular diseases irrespective of their weight.
Why focus on fitness first?
The researchers and clinicians recommend focusing on fitness rather than weight loss will reduce the risk of loss of life.
Normal weight unfit people has twice the risk of mortality than the normal weight fit individuals regardless of BMI(Body Mass Index)
Overweight and obese-fit individuals have similar dying risks as of normal weight fit individuals based on the statistical study by aerobics center longitudinal studies.
The public health officials suggest, instead of focusing on weight loss was driven approaches to reduce mortality, focus on physical activity and fitness based action plans.
In simple terms, “If you are fit, don't care if you are fat”.

Fitness goals:
Being on diet needs more restriction on food habits whereas getting fit requires more fun based activities like exercising, sports and gym.
Concentrating more on the number of pushups a day rather than getting a counting the number of calories, fit body pays more attention to the people than the thin.
Getting fit automatically loses your weight and more likely to not gain it back.
Generally, people think that fat means unhealthy but the fact is if fitness is our goal the view on stout people will gradually change that is a positive sign of a healthy society as well as individual health.
Both fat and thin people can claim that they are healthy only when they are fit irrespective of the weight.
We can also avoid eating disorders in the name of diet for weight loss if fitness is our goal.
Back to our origin of discussion, fitness vs weight loss-what is our goal?
As you see it is not that you have to pick exactly one. The choice always lies in our hand based on our requirements. If you choose fitness you may also lose weight is the proven fact among the major population of the society, unless you follow the fitness practices regularly as a daily routine.
As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 % of the diet and 25% of exercise, while fitness requires 100% effort on physical activities or exercise with some restriction in diet.
Minute per minute, cardio burns more calories than strength training in a way that cannot be challenged or denied for fat loss. For instance, aerobic exercises lose more weight in less time, according to a recent Duke University study.
Eat less to lose weight and eat smart to be fit.

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