Regardless of what your health and fitness goals are or what workout program you might be using, a simple wall calendar is often a good resource for attaining your weight loss or fitness goals. It works with weight lifting, walking, home fitness plans, dieting, and local gym work outs. Don’t underestimate the motivational power of a calendar.

The calendar can provide you a quick visual record of your progress and keep you on track. It's going to make you feel guilty in the event you miss your workout, and make you feel proud when you see it fill up with marked completions. The weight scale may be slow to report and might deliver varied results during the day due to normal fluctuations in weight.

Be certain your work outs are set up in stages. You ought to already realize that performing the same movements over and over again is not the most effective way to get good results. Take that a step further and put up a calendar near your training area, or if you go out to exercise, try putting it close to where you might keep your gym bag or running shoes.

For each phase in your work out, assign a specific number of days for that stage. Each of your workout stages should be marked on your calendar. If you have a 60 day workout stage, mark it out as day 1 through day 60, and place a short notation of what your work out for each day will be. As you progress through the stage, place a big X on the completed workout day!

This will help keep you motivated in a couple of ways. First, you will find that any days that you skip and are not identified with an X will bug the heck out of you and you are likely to try harder to get each day’s training completed. Second, it offers you a countdown, or visible progress report that shows you are becoming closer each day to completing this phase and it is a good feeling.

Many of the better known home fitness packages marketed by Team Beachbody utilize this sort of calendar countdown in a number of of their successful programs. With these programs you get a calendar that counts out a 60 day program or a 90 day program or whatever the case may be, and you get directions on which workout to accomplish each day.

Hang in there with your routine, whatever it may be, get healthy, and share your success to help motivate others to get healthy too!

As an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, Jim Ford specializes in helping people discover the most effective available home fitness programs. He can also show you how to save money, or even earn money as you get into the greatest shape of your life by taking advantage of the coach opportunity.

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Jim Ford decided to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach after several years of being involved with different areas of fitness, including weight lifting, several martial arts styles, and taking formal courses in fitness and nutrition. Jim holds a Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and enjoys building relationships as he helps friends, family, and new team members to reach their health and fitness goals. Jim is a strong advocate for preventing disease and injury through proper diet and exercise.