Moving can be stressful, which is why you should rely on Fitness Machine Technicians to care for your equipment during the process. Don’t get bogged down by the tedious process of gym equipment assembly and disassembling. Let Fitness Machine Technicians prepare your cardiovascular equipment for the journey!
Whether it is breaking down a fitness unit or the installation of several, we will dis
assemble your machinery in preparation for a move and then reassemble it.
Don’t put your trust in a generic moving company when you can bring in a team of professionally qualified exercise equipment movers and technicians. Our trained experts promise to provide quality service on your units safely and quickly. During the reassembling phase, we will perform a detailed PM and safety check to ensure your product is working properly.
Home Gym Installation
If you are creating a home gym, be sure to contact us to assemble your equipment. Our expert technicians assemble treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers and weight machines daily and know how to safely and efficiently put your equipment together.
Moving a home gym from one location to another? We can properly dismantle the equipment and then reassemble it at your new home or new location in your existing house.
Exercise Bike Assembly Services
Avoid unnecessary frustrations and bring in the pros for your exercise bike assembly. Though bikes might not look difficult to put together, it’s crucial that handlebars, seat, pedals, and bolts are secured. Our certified technicians will test and make sure your equipment is ready for use.
Treadmill Assembly Services
Make sure your investment stays working optimally in the long run with a proper treadmill installation service. Poor installation of treadmills could lead to a number of problems including property damage, machine breakdown, and injury. Our technicians will make treadmill assembly or disassembly a smooth and simple process.
Moving to Another City or State?
Check with us about disassembling your equipment and reassembling it in your new location. We have franchises across the nation and may be able to handle the entire job from start to finish.
Ready to Get Started?
Whether this is a residential or commercial move, our team is right for the job! Contact us today to plan for your next move.

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