“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” – Carl Jung
Our days are filled with productivity, and this can sometimes sap us out of leisure and playfulness and lead us farm from the spontaneity we had as children. Although the weekend is our outlet after a full week, fun doesn’t always have to wait until Friday evening. There are many ways to anticipate short breaks in your day where pleasurable activities can be worked in.
The idea here is to schedule these acts just as seriously as you would a lunchtime meeting or a doctor’s appointment. Once you get the hang of it, you will see how, magically, fun is no longer elusive but always attainable.

1. Short breaks, five minutes or less:

Plan a lunch date
Rest your eyes
Daydream a short adventure or idealized vacation
Plan something fun for the weekend
Stand up through your next phone call
Listen to music
Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes
Make a quick call to your kids at the babysitter
Go out of your way to compliment or praise a colleague
Browse an online art magazine
Look at travel sites
Walk up and down several flights of stairs at work
Invest in some of those desk toys you see in the movies
Practice your best joke on someone
Splash some water on your neck and face

2. Breaks of up to 30 minutes:

Organize a treat for a loved one: flowers, a love note to be slipped into a pocket, or a phone call instead of a text
Browse through a local bookstore
Picnic in a park
Browse online for small gifts for friends
Walk up and down all the hallways at work
Have breakfast with someone before work
Ride double on a bike
Read a great book for just half an hour
Rearrange the furniture in your room
Start a blog about something you cherish
Take the long way home so you can appreciate the scenery
Explore a new hobby that requires very little time investment: knitting, Smartphone games, etc.
Take a walk in the park during lunch
Subscribe to a well-written magazine
Learn a new language at a relaxed pace

3. Weekday evenings often have pockets of up to 2 hours of time just waiting to be taken advantage of:

Take a walk in the woods
Watch the sunset
Trade amateur masseuse skills with your family
Test drive an expensive sports car
Perfect a cooking technique
Join a club that meets weekly
Eat a breakfast meal for dinner
The next time you put something off, do it now
Get a salon makeover
Prepare brand new, ethnic recipes
Invest in board games
Learn to scrapbook
Make a bucket list
Work at an animal shelter walking dogs
Plan a weekend getaway
Get back in touch with old friends
Play a round of Mad-libs

Just a little creative planning can infuse your week with pockets of cheer!

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With over 20 years of experience gained across television, radio and print, Maria Khalifé brings to her clients knowledge and understanding in holistic and motivational living. Certified as a Life Coach from the Ford Institute in San Diego, Maria’s insightful teachings combine powerful techniques and spiritual wisdom to enable personal transformation for her clients. Maria’s life-changing coaching provides practical yet revolutionary methods which have cemented her reputation as a renowned coach, motivational speaker and seminar leader. Maria brings to the world powerful life-changing experiences for those who seek extraordinary lives and want to reach their maximum potential. Maria can help you to uncover your true dynamic self. Please visit http://www.MariaKhalife.com