Whether you're fishing alone or alongside some of Northeast's most talented anglers, On The Water's staff has accumulated many hours of fishing experience. Along the way, we learned something, so we started to make a list of tips and tricks to make fishing more productive and fun. Here are ten of our favorites.

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1. Stick your bait
When I go back in very thick grass, I like to dab a little glue on the hook and slip in my worm. He anchors the worm in place so that you do not lose it. I won tournaments with this technique.

2. downgrade for larger fish

If the fish stops biting suddenly, but you know it is present, demote your bait and change your recovery speed. Switch from a seven-inch worm to a four-inch worm and slow down your presentation. Often, you have to slow down for big fish.

3. Drag your line to the honey hole
To launch the tackle, detach your line from the reel and drag it about 50 meters behind your boat to get to your position. Then everything is back in order. You will not have problems or twists the rest of the day.
Larry Nixon, double fisherman of the year BASS

4. Pack a Sharpie
I carry 25 Sharpie pens of different colors to personalize my crummy baits. If you put a little red line where the gills would be, that will mimic the bleeding. To imitate a pole, I will paint the fins in orange. To imitate a shad, I will paint a black dot behind the eye, in the direction of the tail.

5. Tune your crank baits
Launch your lure and rewind it. Observe him to the boat. He should come back straight. If it turns to the right, adjust the eyelet on the left with needle-nose pliers or vice versa if it turns to the left. A de-tuned lure will not show up properly and will not catch fish.

6. When everything fails, use a snack
I used plastic worms to catch everything from bar species to seawater to the perch, when nothing else worked. It's a subtle lure, so fish do not have to swim as fast to catch it.

compact fishing rod by Wormy

7. Handle the fish with care
I try not to be abrupt with the fish. Hold it at the bottom of the lip and do not remove the mucus. Fish can catch diseases if they do not have the slime that protects them.
Violette Sesco, the oldest active fisherwoman of BASS (80 years old) and competitor of the Women's Bassmaster Tour

8. imitating animals
Different animals hatch in the lake, depending on the time of the month, and this is usually what fish grab. Try different products - lures that mimic the shade, frogs or larvae, that sort of thing. We will be sure to catch fish.
Mark Sexton, bait analyst at Berkley Fishing

9. Let your bait touch the bottom
After you have cast your cast, watch your line fall before you fold it. This means that your bait is at the bottom of the hitting zone. Then, when you lift it slowly, shake the rod slightly with your other hand. He better imitates a living worm.

10. Find the food, find the fish
I am looking for great herons because they are looking for the same foods that my fish are looking for. When I find the herons, I know there must be fish nearby.
Ken Penrod, Hall of Fame Fishing Guide

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Sardar Muneeb Dogar is a writer.