Why Fishermen Should Select Their Lures Carefully

Lures are some of the most important marine accessories a fisherman can have because using this type of bait increases their chances of success by a huge margin. However, fishermen cannot just attach any lure to one end of their fishing rod holder and hope to make a successful catch. This is because some fish react to only certain types of lures, and ignore other types of lures. Therefore, if fishermen choose the wrong set of lures for their fish, then fishermen are not likely to be successful.

There are so many factors that fishermen have to think about when selecting lures, one of the factors include color combination, there are dozens of color combinations for lures. Lure manufacturers create thousands of different lures using a variety of colors because these lures are designed to trigger certain reactions from several different species of fish. Therefore, fishermen have to do their research when choosing their fishing accessories, they must not only select the right fishing equipment, such as fishing rod holders, but must select the right lures. Lures not only have different color combinations, but have other characteristics such as swimming action.

Lures And Baits Are Vital Marine Accessories For Success At Fishing

Real and fake lures are important marine accessories for fishermen because lures are designed to mimic food that fish are most likely to prey on. Fish are driven to attack lures for a number of reasons including a need to feed. This means that the location and type of lure used on the fishing rod holder is very important for gaining a catch, for example, saltwater fish are more likely to catch a lure because they eat more frequently compared to freshwater fish. Fishermen should understand that feeding is not the sole reason why fish attack lures, other reasons include:

  • Protecting territory
  • Eliminating competition
  • Instinctive reflexes
  • Feeling provoked

If fishermen want to be successful they must not only use the right lures, they must use them properly. Fishermen must know which type of fish responds to which lure, and attach the correct bait to their fishing rod holders accordingly. Lures must be used in certain environments, and be retrieved skillfully for a successful catch. Fishermen must possess a keen understanding of how different species of lures behave, in order to maximize success.

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Jerome Julian is a passionate fishermen writes about fish rod holder, fish cleaning tables, knives and other marine accessories. Jerome Julian enjoy boating and sea life over years.