It is sometimes a challenging idea to construct your own fishpond in your lawn. This is because there are many available fishpond materials in the market nowadays, it would be a great plan to do it yourself. You can have the design and chosen materials entirely coming from the family team ideas.

As soon as you have decided on the location and the shape of your fishpond, the next things to consider are the materials. In determining your materials, start first with the underlay. Sand, geo-textile, old carpet underlay, loft insulation are some of the things that you can use. This is placed on top of the soil where you have dug your pond. Next, you have the pond liner.

This can be made of PVC, EDPM, Butyl liner, rigid, and concrete liner. A pond can be 1.2 mm thick with widths in 3m, 4.5m, and 6m. A liner in 0.75mm thick comes in widths of 3m, 4.5m, and 9m. This prevents your pond water to seep through the soil and underlay. After that, you can now install the tank next. If you are experienced in pond making, you may opt to make your own concrete pond where you can have your own personal design. This is a bit laborious and messy, though.

However, to make the construction faster and easier purchase instead prefabricated tanks with its symmetrical shapes. The shape can be in rectangles or kidney-shaped tanks and many more. It may be made of fiberglass or plastic, the two favorite prefabricated tanks. The tanks can either be plain or pebble-coated. For the finishing touch, be sure to paint the edging and slabs with reliable pond sealant. This deters toxic chemicals in flowing to your pond when it rains.

Another useful material would be the pipes. You can either use hosepipes, drainage pipes, pump pipe extensions, armored pipes, etc. Then, you have the lights, which you can switch on at night, or when there is a party in your home. And of course, the star of your fishpond, the fish. Today, koi remains the favorite. Other materials to accessorize your fishpond may be rocks such as slate, brick, gavel, pebbles, cobbles, etc.

Wood may be logs, timber, driftwood, mangrove roots, etc. You can also use pool or garden statues and waterspouts. Water plants are also needed in your construction planning as you are going to determine where to plant them permanently.

This is just an over-view of what you can expect to purchase if you plan to construct a fishpond in your lawn.

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