At this point, you have successfully jumped through the many hoops put before you; you’ve searched high and low for your home, the offer has been accepted, your mortgage has been approved and all the other contingencies have been satisfied! Now the finish line is in plain sight with one last hoop to jump. The closing is the final step to your dream home. But hold on, don’t slip away to homeownership heaven just yet, there is still business at hand.

Your Closing Statement
Approximately 3-5 days prior to the date of the closing, you should receive a HUD-1 settlement statement. Review this statement thoroughly with your mortgage professional to make certain that you understand it and that the information is correct. This statement discloses how the money you worked so hard to borrow will be divided. It will also disclose the amount in closing costs you are responsible for as the buyer.

Final Walk-Through Inspection
Make sure that your realtor arranges a final walk through to examine the property within 24-48 hours prior to the closing. This is the your last chance to make sure that everything works, the seller has vacated the house, leaving the appliances or property as agreed upon in the contract. If, during the walk-through, you discover major problems or violations of the purchase contract, you have the right to hold up the settlement until the issues are fixed.

What You Must Bring
If you are paying your closing costs you will need to bring to the closing a certified check in the exact amount on the statement. (No money orders or personal checks will be accepted) It is also absolutely necessary for you to purchase homeowners insurance prior to the closing. You will not be allowed to close without it.

At The Closing
The closing agent will place before you and explain what will appear to be an endless stack of papers for you to sign and initial. Ask whatever questions you may have. Remember this is one of the most significant transactions you will ever make, be certain that you understand everything that is involved. In that stack of many papers will be the following:
* The settlement statement
* The sales contract
* Title insurance
* Homeowners' insurance
* The title or deed to the property
* The down payment and closing costs
Note: Make arrangements with the utility companies to have the service transferred into your name to coincide with your date of occupancy.

If all goes well and as planned, congratulations will be in order, as you will have successfully closed the deal and purchased your first home! You will join the ranks of millions who enjoy the benefits of making such an investment in their financial well being. If you have any questions about the home buying process visit us at we will be glad to assist you.

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Christopher Shaw is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, with over 12 years of experience and has a passion for working with First Time Home Buyers, Mr Shaw has an ambitious goal of helping 1000 new First Time Buyers become home owners of the next 36 months. In addition to the 1000 new home owners he expects to create over the next 36 months wants to leverage each transaction to adopt up to 1000 families through Volunteers of America's Adopt a family Program.