What are some of the first perceptions your clients have when they think of you, your company and what you offer?

Perception is defined as a state of awareness. How aware is your target market of you? Different people take in the world through different senses – seeing, hearing, or feeling it – some express themselves in pictures, others talk about how things sound, and others how it makes them feel.

Have your clients going out of their mind over you...

To be first in mind with your target market, it is important to vividly differentiate your differences in their memory. One way is to connect with how they view the world.

People have three preferred methods of perceiving the world around them:

• Visual – about 35% of the population (they “see” the world)
o Appearance is important
o They remember things through pictures or moving images

• Auditory – about 25% of the population (they “hear” the world)
o They remember what was said, the sounds of an event or product
o Gather information from how you say it more than what you say

• Kinethetic – about 40% of the population (they “feel” the world).
o Gather information through touch, emotion, and “gut” instinct
o Act on what and how they feel

Now, that we know this listen to how you current clients describe you and what you do. Make note of which predicates (see, hear or feel,) they use to describe you. This list will give you which sense they prefer. We all use every sense, yet most of us have a preferred way of perceiving the world. Use the right copy (words) to establish rapport with them. See our blog post “Every Person Speaks A Different Language” for ideas on "the right words."

To make sure you are first in mind, let visuals see, kinethetics feel, and auditories hear about the unique benefits you offer.

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