The most sophisticated city and the Venice of the east, Bangkok has much more to enjoy fun, entertainment, pleasure and adventure. Whether you visit the great architectural buildings, dazzling beaches, or wonderful temples, everything provides a new experience and enlightens its culture. We have made it easy for you to book flights to Bangkok with our great airfare deals and best quality services.

If you travel to Bangkok, you must check with the weather conditions. The climate in Bangkok is tropical with three seasons including hot, cold and rainy season but for Europeans, it is hot, very hot, very hot and wet. December to February is the coolest months. March to May is very hot and after May rainy season starts. The temperatures through out the year don't remain same and keep on fluctuating. So must get all the information regarding climate when you book Bangkok flights especially in wet months.

Your trip to Bangkok will be incomplete if you don't visit its marvelous beaches. Pattaya beach is close to airport and mainland. It has a variety of activities to provide to its visitors including water sports, fishing, etc. Many sellers who are selling fish and drinks are other attractions of this place.

Hua Hin is the most ancient beach with royal palace. It presents many activities like leisurely walk and horse riding. Bangkok annual jazz festival is also held here which pulls many visitors from different locations to travel to Bangkok.

Koh Si Chang is not very frequently visited by foreigners but locals often come here and relax on its sand with crystal cleat water. All the internal area of beach is hilly which still has a lot to explore.

Cha Am is the place which is calm and quiet when you get bored with bustling life of the city, you can come here and relax for sometime. In addition to this people can have the chance of swimming and lodging here because it has a chain of high rise hotels.

Jometien beach is top windsurfing and quiet place of Thailand. Parasailing, Waterskiing, and scuba diving are also an attraction of this place, moreover it also has many golf courses around.

Last but not least, there are really hundreds of temples in Bangkok to Koh Chang which are frequently visited by tourists and are very famous among them. If you plan your journey and book tickets for flights to Bangkok, don't forget to go to its Koh Chang which are beautiful example of its fantastic architecture.

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