Two (2) Covert (disguised) SECRETS of All Learning

1. Your WILLINGNESS (Willpower) to take risks and sometimes fail.
It’s known as Trial-And-Error, and Cause-And-Effect.
Desire is NOT enough.

2. Exercising your AUTO-DIDACTED-NESS (Self-Taught).

Everything of significance you know, you taught yourself.
Like – walking-talking-comprehension-riding-a-bike, & driving-
a-car. This includes tying-a- tie, and lacing-your-shoes, & thinking.

And now, Speed

What’s Better & Faster Than a (Five) 5-Hour Energy-Drink?

1. A dose of Glucose and shot of Oxygen.

2. Why? Your level of “energy” is weak at 8am, and success requires
your higher Vibrational Frequency. How? You get in-the-Flow, and
in your-Zone by more Glucose (blood-sugar =s energy, more oxygen.

But How?

3. For upping your Glucose, eat a handful of blueberries, or as a last-
resort, a Hershey’s Kiss. A cup Cocoa works too. Blood-Sugar brings a
surge of energy.

4. Three (3) physical exercises that take a Total of two-minutes. They
produce an immediate increase of Oxygen to improve your brain,
heart and respiration functions.

a) Forty-nine (49) reps of shooting both-arms straight-up in a
Touch-Down (TD) motion. Takes 49-seconds. SMILE for 15-seconds.
Good for your muscle and skeletal systems. Google: EMG.

b) Forty-nine (49) reps of both-arms making a SAFE! (baseball-sign)
Move your arms ACROSS your body, in-and-out. And SMILE for 15-secs.
Good for your lymph-immune-system. Google: EKG.

c) Forty-nine (49) reps of Up-And-Down (alternating) both arms. Think
of it as a “Climbing-a- Ladder” motion. And SMILE for 15-secs.
Good for your lungs and respiratory system. Google: EEG.

5. Why Should You Raise Your Vibrational-Frequency?

Ans. To “attract” goals and people of positive-vibes, and win your heart’s
desire. And it’s baby-easy, fun, and takes a maximum of 30-seconds.

• Drumming/Tapping on the tops of both legs of your LAP.
• Get the Rhythm, and remember, every rhythm works to improve your
Brain-Heart-Enteric-Nervous-System (abdomen)

a) Start tapping with both hands on both knee-tops, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.
b) Let your own rhythm take over. Left: 1-2, Right-1-2-3; 1-2, & 1-2-3, repeat.
c) Find your drumming/tapping Comfort-Zone; just let it happen. It’s all good.

6. “But I hate rituals, and it sounds like superstition?”

Ans. All your learning and memory, has a Strategy-Technique-Tactic. Our
theory says: if-it-doesn’t hurt, and WORKS, Do-It-Again! And if it’s FUN
and Helps you, continue to repeat it. Soon it becomes a positive-Habit.

Lastly, do a “mind-body experiment”, and only than Judge. We suggest you
use these Strategies before taking any Exam, making a Presentation, and
taking an Interview.


Ans. Raising your vibrational frequency (Electro-Magnetic-System), causes
sharper analysis, better disposition (smile!), and stronger memory retrieval.

7. Could you give me an example of an ElectroMagneticSystem?

Answer: Five (5) Fundamental Systems of our Universe are: Gravity-Electro-
Magnetics, And Weak-And-Strong ‘Nuclear’. Now add Super-Strings as #5.

Our EMS (Electro-Magnetic-System) includes:

• All-light-spectrum: Infra-Red to Ultra-Violet
• Radio/TV waves
• Microwaves (cooking)
• How our eyes see (electrically), and by our Brain.
• X-ray
• Our Heartbeat, Blood-Pressure, Brainwaves, and Digestion

8. All life is Energy, has a rhythm, and a Vibrational-Frequency.

9. To “attract” into your life, your desires and present-goals,
you must vibrate at the same frequency as the people and
objectives we desire most (consistently). Law-of-Attraction.
10. “Why should I Believe All This?”

They are scientific-principles, and work according to proven laws.
Do a mind-experience, and you be the Judge. If it works, use-it.

• Beta Cycles-Per-Second (Alert-Arousal Brainwaves) 15-40 Hz
• Alpha CPS (relaxed & in-the-Zone) Electro-Magnetic Oscillations
8-10 Hz
• Theta CPS (accessing subconscious; creating new positive-habits)
5-8 Hz.
• Delta CPS (sleeping, without consciousness, but with subconscious
mind). 1.5 to 4 Hz. (Hertz =s Cycles Per Second =s Brainwaves)
• Raise your Vibes by lowering your CPS. Use Drumming & Tapping.
• Includes your EEG (Brain); your EKG (Heart); your muscles (motion)
EMG. Add: your Enteric Nervous System (2nd brain) a/k/a Abdomen.

Coda: Only remember what works for you, improves your learning, and
increases your Memory. Speed Reading (
is a SKILLS workshop, not a lecture-program. A lot is irrelevant, but fun.

Take away Tripling (3x) your reading (learning) speed, and Doubling
(2x) your Long-Term Memory – both permanently. The rest is optional.

One-more-once: Speed Reading requires Two (2) talents:

1. “Willingness”, your exercise of “Willpower” to accept Trial-And-Error
and “Cause-And-Effect”. Take-the-risk, it’s all positive and good.

2. “Auto-Didactics” (Self-Taught). You cannot learn by the Instructor ‘telling’
you the secrets of Speed Reading, you must “Do!” to learn.

You cannot 3x your learning-skills, and 2x your memory by a YouTube-Video.
Reading a ‘book’ or article on Google won’t cut-it either. “Doing! is learning.
You learned to ride a bike, drive-a-car, and even walk & speak by - Doing!

You are an expert at teaching yourself. So now, just Do-It! with Speed Reading

See ya, later.

copyright© 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Author of Speed Reading For Professional, published by
Barron's Educational. Business partner of Evelyn Wood,
creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including
the White House Staffs or four U.S. Presidents.