1 st is the beginning point of the horoscope which denotes the body and the unique identity we have taken in this birth as a spirit/soul

1st house rises in the East when we are born and the Sun also becomes visible for the first time in the day from the East.

This means that 1st house is what people notice about us when they see us or come in contact with us through initial interactions for the first time (first impressions).

Hence it also indicates fame

1st house indicates our body type and body movements which can be very different from our mind (signified by the moon).

For example Someone might be an Aries ascendant indicating that his/her body might be athletic or might be moving with quick movements but Moon being placed in Taurus might make that person very relaxed and laid back mentally (attitude towards life)

1st house indicates unique personality and individuality which separates us from the other person (7th house)

1st house deals with our individual ego that separates us from universal unity (12th house)

1st house deals with self-confidence and self-assertiveness to take independent decisions

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