I want you to be successful, happy, and well in the early days. So I'm going to give you five great first-day women's T-shirts. So, we're talking about the early days, but the truth is that dating can sometimes feel annoying. Sometimes it may feel inappropriate, but I do because we haven't taken a very effective approach. I didn't know what to do, so it seemed like I was fighting with one hand.

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So I want to give you the knowledge and understanding that will help you get better points. So now let's talk about the first five tips: Women's Day.

Tip 1. And now I'm putting it out there. I'm creating this first number because I think this is important only for you to confirm.

So the best tip is to speak positively during your day. It is necessary to understand that men are attracted to the power of women, and the general public is beautifully attracted to the power of women. But one thing I saw was that I saw it in my own experience, I heard it, and I heard it, and I did it in the experience of what other men from women saw. The negative expression they are saying.

Don't think about the evil power they are giving. Maybe that's because you're a little anxious when you're on this day. You're thinking too much, and you're scrutinizing too much. So the more you throw things away with the wall up, the better the results. I understand why you may be upset, and there is a reason to worry whenever you meet someone new. So you have to get into this openness, relax, have fun, talk more and move more with beautiful and feminine energies.

Well, second, it's okay. Technically, this must be before the first number. I felt I needed the first number to create the second number. Anyway, the second takes your point of view very seriously. Listen now, I know what you did, what do you mean? Yes, we value it. I know you do it for me. But this is what I mean. You go out with men, and most of you aren't always thinking about bringing what you can.

Again, we're not trying to do everything about how you look. But don't pretend that it doesn't play a role in assessing whether you want to build a relationship with someone. And we also want to make a good first impression. So you need to be trying to focus on what you can do and see what you can do to please men.

Third tip. The third is your advice day. It smells good, and it's still easy, but it's always overlooked. Smell sensation is a serious problem. And again, we are looking at that first hideout. By the way, I would like you to always aim for a good scent. But we go on the first day when we want to put our best legs forward. So, whatever works for you, whether it's oil or not, make it happen.

And when you start mixing these, when you start to smell, put on an electric dress, add the strength of a woman and speak correctly, I say you will see your results go through the roof. I'm not exaggerating. You will see things better. Even if this guy probably doesn't belong to you, it will happen from time to time.

Fourth tip. The fourth tip on the first day should stop the conversation. So here is a big mistake many women make. If you keep preparing to interview or ask a man lately, that's the end of it. And you're just running away from these questions, digging, digging, trying to dig. And listen, asking a question is nothing wrong. On the other hand, it's not bad to immerse yourself in each other and try to get to know each other on your first date.

I know some people say no, you have to wait. No, forget it all. It's not a bad thing to have a thorough discussion on the first day. However, there is a difference in the natural flow of communication that takes us there by investigating and trying to enforce the problem. You don't want to go out like that. You don't want to get frustrated if you don't get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo. You have to talk nice, And even if you have some questions of your own, you need to argue with the flow.

This is the fifth and most important first date advice. Again, I think a lot of women have lost the art of seduction. The reason why things are so important is that things are there or show a desire. And everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and everyone wants to feel good about themselves. So if you play him and he feels good, he wants me to have something here. It makes her feel good and allows the situation to move smoothly.

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