As per the Department Of Community Safety & Correctional Services in NSW, detecting and preventing fire is one of the major responsibilities of a security officer. 

It is why you should always make it a point to appoint security guards with proper training and prior experience to tackle all sorts of emergencies and safety hazards.

An eligible security guard should have the skills and the expertise to detect for possible fires during patrolling or fulfilling their static post responsibilities. 

They Proactively Inspect Every Suspicious Area:-

  • They spot places holding combustible or inflammable items near heat sources.
  • Inspect unusual sparks or heat from electrical faucets or risky area.
  • And also examine fire extinguishers to ensure they’re not passed their expiration date or whether they have been damaged or not. 

They Take Appropriate Measures To Mitigate The Fire:-

In the occurrence of a fire disaster- the concerned security guard(s) resort to an appropriate action plan to mitigate the damages and after-effects of the fire. 

Once the alarm goes off, the entrusted security guards serving Sydney will affirm the fire outbreak visually. And they look to do that either by going over to the location or by checking it through CCTV cameras. 



Contrarily, if they detect the fire before the alarm goes off, they even go down to activate it manually, as most times the fire can damage the alarm functionality thus rendering it useless during such emergencies.

Once they have confirmed and cause and intensity of the fire, they will look to call up all concerned facility superiors and regional fire department to convey the news of the catastrophic fire. 

Till the time help arrives, the security guard will work with other supervisors to evacuate as many as they can. Plus; they will stay in contact with the entire help team to ensure no injuries happen to anyone.

They Will Direct Everyone To The Nearest Emergency Exit:-

If the fire has taken place in some crowded area namely a shopping mall or a corporate workplace, then the concerned security supervisor will work with the security team to direct everyone to the nearest emergency exit point. 

To prevent blockage or hindrance in corridors or emergency exists, they will look to ensure no item blocks the fire escape routes.

With so many people to manage, security guards may also have to exercise their crowd control skills both inside and outside the structure to ensure everyone is out safely.

Final Say:-

During security guard hiring in Sydney for your facility, it is very important to go for specialists:-

  • Having extensive experience in conducting risk analyses.
  • Qualified as per the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate.
  • And most importantly- if there is a fire, they may be exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals. So, they should have all the necessary training adhering to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration that helps them save as many lives as they can.

So, now that you know how quality security guards avert fire catastrophes get in touch with notable security companies in NSW and appoint experienced and certified security guards for your work facility.

“They are likely to be the first person at the scene of a fireplace, and with their skills, sharp mind and bravado, they can make a huge difference in life-endangering situations.”

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The author runs one of the top-rated security companies in NSW. And being in the industry for so long, the author caters to a wide range of security guards serving Sydney.