Fine Architectural Glass Art & Design — an Environmental Art Form

The effect Fine Architectural Glass Art & Design has on an interior space is magical. Fine Architectural Glass Art & Design is an environmental art form. Stained Glass is the fine art of painting with light. As beautiful light floods your interior space throughout the day, no matter whether you opt for rich colored glass, a subtle palette of color, or clear textured glass, light is continually transforming your inner space into living pristine, luminous warmth creating an exquisite milieu in which to live, shop, work or worship.

The installations below are examples of the interaction between colored light flooding the interior space of an architectural setting and its effectuating transformation, not only on the architecture within but the symbiosis between each of the windows.

Zera'im - Mo'ed

The pair of windows above reveal how they affect, not only the interior of the setting but also one another. In this instance, the windows are set into the corners of the wall and they are juxtaposed within a couple of feet from each other. Note how the color of the light passing through the glass of each window reflects off of the wall surrounding each opposing window.

Nashim - Nezikin

Now, remember, the windows in actuality are set within a couple of feet from each other in the corners of the walls. This pair of windows exhibit a striking influence on the interior and upon one another because the predominant colors in each window are complementary, (at opposite ends of the spectrum) one to the other. The wall around the yellow-orange window reflects the blue light from the blue window in the opposing corner. And the wall around the blue window reflects the yellow-orange light from the yellow-orange window in the other corner.

Kodashim - Tohoroth

You can see the color of the light from each window reflecting off of the wall of the opposing window in each corner of the wall. And in addition, take note of the effect of the light streaming through the right window onto the floor. At certain times of the day when the sun is at the right angle, the colored light passing through the glass sometimes imparts a striking prismatic effect within the interior.


The window above symbolizes the Creation. As you can see, the light is spreading beyond the black matrix of the epoxy that holds the glass together as the light is halating beyond the glass. The color of the walls are even taking on the color of the glass they are encasing as the colored light is halating onto them.


Because the color of glass is actually colored light passing through its transparent membrane, the color of stained glass is in contradistinction to pigment which is matter. Light is energy and one of the most fascinating qualities of colored light consists of the three primary colors that make up every color in existence which are red, green, and blue. The three primary colors in pigment are red, yellow, and blue. When red and green light are mixed together they produce a more brilliant yellow light, thus light is additive. When red and green pigment are mixed together the result is a dark muted gray, thus pigment is subtractive. The most brilliant color in pigment is a bright yellow painted on its complement, a dark violet ground. The most intense and brilliant color in light is cobalt blue in which its complement is yellow light. Note the yellow area above. The black matrix of the epoxy which holds the glass together surrounding the yellow is easily seen. But the intense halation of the deep blue glass dissolves the black matrix surrounding it completely.

Author's Bio: 

Artist - Designer - Painter since 1977 - Curtis R Doll Jr began creating Stained Glass Windows in 1979, cutting glass, assembling the windows including installation and various & sundry jobs that go along with making stained glass - began designing Monumental Architectural Glass Installations in 1983 for churches, storefronts, malls, and continued to design small, residential & commercial projects - in addition, creating computer graphics, manipulating & restoring photographs - creating Digital, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints since 1998, and his passion continues to be Gouache paintings of abstracts