A moment of back-story, I was really tired after my trip to Doylestown and helping Michael Port launch “The Think Big Manifesto.” I’m not sure why as I like to think I work hard every day but for some reason after this trip I was burned out. Now don’t get me wrong, throughout that week, I learned and experienced so much, it is priceless. And I just love Michael, Julie, and the whole rest of the wonderful crew yet, to be honest, I was burned-out. There was no candle left to burn either end.

So, back to finding what you need when you need it…
There is an auto mechanic down the street from me. He has this funky sign he changes whenever the mood strikes him. A few days back here and well into my pity-party, my eye caught—

"I Create My Reality and I am Creating this Emotion Right Now"

His signs are usually not so deep, yet that sign snapped me back into the reality I wanted, not the one I was creating. The reality for me, at that time, was a place of exhaustion, wanting to be left alone and a feeling of not having any more to give anyone…. Those feelings should have been my first clue that what I needed at that time was to take care of myself, recharge myself.

Not like that was the first time I’ve ever been to that state of exhaustion, why do some lessons take so many repeats to sink-in? Gotta learn to listen to the signals my body is giving me earlier.

Life Lesson to me to remember: When the physical and emotional bank accounts are drained, it’s beyond the time to re-fill them. Fill-up early and often… Whenever I’m feeling tired, not myself, short tempered, out-of-balance… it’s time for a little R and R—Refill and Recharge. So, what are you going to do for yourself this weekend?

Take some time for yourself so you can share your dreams and passion with the world. The world needs them.

p.s. Today it reads: “I’d rather age than stop.”

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