Finding the Right Career May be Written in Your Face

The physical features in your face give vital information about your innate abilities and talents. Once these abilities have been identified, a computer program is used to find the careers or hobbies that best match these skills.

Edward Jones, a judge in Los Angeles, noticed a strong relationship between the physical structure of the face and personality. Jones - along with a group men from various backgrounds - researched, developed and tested a system they termed Personology. Based on the feed back from working with thousands of people, they came up with an 88% accuracy that applies across all cultures.

Like many, at first Tickle was somewhat skeptical and thought it was just another fad. That all changed when she had her Personology assessment made. Her immediate thoughts were how many people leaving high school or college would benefit from this assessment, finding a career path they’d really enjoy. Today at least 70% of students leaving school have no idea what career direction to take, despite having taken many career matching tests at school. What Personology does is connects people’s innate abilities that can be seen in the physical features of the face with careers they will enjoy.

For example – individuals with close set eyes are good at working with detail. They often specialize in a specific area of interest. The close set eyes are often seen in dentists, accountants, teachers, health practitioners or any career that requires a more detailed activity. When the outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner, this will indicate a perfectionist. They see mistakes others miss. This trait is often seen in editors, film producers, construction work, electrolysis professionals and engineers. Individuals with a ski jump nose love to help others. They will go the extra mile for you and no additional cost. For them it’s about helping others not the fee. Whereas an individual with a Roman shaped nose, will not hesitate in charging the full fee and then some. They are often seen in a management position.

It takes more than just one feature in the face to determine a career, but if they have one of the basic requirements needed for the job, other traits will support that role.

When people have worked at the same company for many years, they are completely lost when they suddenly find themselves out of work. They’ve only had one job and find it intimidating to select a new career. Tickle believes that it’s time to look at a new approach for helping people get back on track with their lives. Your career should be more than just a job that pays the bills. It’s time to find a career that excites you.

Her new book – What Makes People Tick and Why – is about helping people to better understand themselves and the people they interact with. To learn more about her work, go to

Author's Bio: 

Naomi Tickle is an international speaker and career consultant. She is the author of What Makes People Tick and Why. She was first introduced to Personology (face reading) 22 years ago. Amazed by the accuracy, Naomi felt this was an opportunity to help others to better understand themselves and the people they meet with.

Naomi has recently appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC, Good Morning America and numerous television radio interviews around the world. Her book is used as a tool for communications, understanding children, relationships, team building, sales, career guidance and personal development.

Naomi has given workshops and lectures to The World Trade Center, CNN, AT&T, IBM marketing division UK, National Semiconductor, National Association of Professional Organisers, College and Orthodontist conference, Keynote speaker at Real Estate retreats and Coaching conferences plus many more. She offers entertaining and informative Face Reading workshops and lectures throughout the United States, Australia and Europe. Participants leave with a working knowledge on how to use the information in their business and personal life.

Recent blind studies with career counselors comparing the career assessment program with more traditional tests, indicates an exact match for both careers and personality assessments. In many cases the career suggestions are more on target, this is based on the feedback from the client. These career assessments can be successfully made from photographs or in person. For more information go to