About three years ago I began to work with an Alexander Technique teacher. If you are not familiar with this technique it is a method of working with the body to insure that you are in proper alignment. People use it to strengthen their voices, get rid of chronic back pain, and improve their golf swing. (There are many other reasons. These are just a few.)

My Alexander teacher works with my body alignment in the same way that I work with my clients to be aligned with their values and vision. Many of her techniques mirror my own and I hear her saying things to me that I say to my clients.

For example much of what she does with me is to get me to relax the muscles of my neck. Often I will say to her, "I always hold my tension in my neck. I can't relax my neck." Her response is to tell me to give myself my "directions".

The Alexander Technique really proves how much thoughts control actions. Her reference to my "directions" is the message that I say to myself to help me move to alignment. The words start out, "Let my neck be free to allow my head to move forward and up..." Just focusing on my neck and thinking the words helps me move to alignment and to relax my neck. Amazing!

You are what you think!

So what do you tell yourself about your work and your life? Are your messages positive? Years ago I would have laughed at someone who told me my thoughts might be holding me back. Now however there is so much evidence that you manifest what you are thinking about that I am a believer. You are what you think!

Dream about meaningful work and you will attract it into your life. It is the way to align yourself with your vision. Affirmations work on the same principal. Think and believe something positive about yourself and you will attract it.

So if you are feeling stressed about an interview, having negative or questioning thoughts about your ability to do the job will certainly put you at a disadvantage with the interviewer. You may not even be aware that your thoughts are being picked up by the interviewer. And the interviewer might not be able to articulate what makes him/her question your ability.


Confidence comes when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned. It is true for your physical self and also your emotional self.

Physically, if my body is not aligned, I will be hunched over and look less confident. Emotionally negative thoughts come across as lack of confidence too. Hiring managers want a confident employee and are attuned to your negative energy.

Becoming self aware means really understanding how you present yourself to others. Working on alignment both physical and emotional is a start to the journey of self awareness and finding meaningful work.

Take Action:

1. The first step in insuring your thoughts are positive is to catch yourself in the act of being negative. Awareness first. (Coaching hint: Negative thoughts often start with, "I'm not good at", "I can't", I'll never be able to")

2. Once you acknowledge a negative thought, think about what action you can take to think and be more positive.

3. One book that is helpful on seeing the benefit of being positive is "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman.

Author's Bio: 

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