If you are pregnant but uninsured, there may be choices available to you that will reduce your financial burden for the health care needed to deliver your son or daughter. Not checking out all your choices can result real damage to your financial future.

Your alternatives for maternity insurance if you're currently pregnant include job-sponsored medical care insurance, government-sponsored hospital and surgery insurance. If these are not available to you some non-insurance plans can reduce your obligation by helping you get get a lower rate from your hospital.

If you're working and will have a health care insurance open enrollment period before your baby is due, you may be able to get coverage through an employer-sponsored plan. If you are married, you should explore choices with your spouse's or domestic partner employment as well.

If you're going to marry and can do so before your trip to the maternity ward, you may be able to be added to your spouse's or domestic partner insurance before the standard open enrollment period. With most programs when an employee gets married their spouse is eligible for a special open enrollment period.

You may be eligible for maternity coverage through policies that are available through your local, county or state. Often these policies will accept women who are currently expecting.

These policies will probably have benefit or other limits. They may limit what they pay for. They may limit the doctors and hospitals you can go to.

There may be income requirements. Some medical insurance programs may require that your income be under a certain level. Others may have no income limit but will ask those with higher incomes to pay more for the same coverage.

You can contact your local health department or Planned Parenthood for information on programs available in your area. If there are health insurance choices for already pregnant women in your area, they will probably know about it.

If you are unable to acquire medical care insurance that will cover your pregnancy, there are still things you can do to lower the costs you will have to pay. You can see which hospital in your area has the lowest rates. Hospitals can charge very different rates.

If you can pre-pay your pregnancy expenses, you will probably get a lower rate from your hospital. Discuss this option with the hospital you chose if you are able to do this.

You may also find that there are non-insurance programs offered that will allow you to pay discounted rates to your hospital. If an insurance company pays for a person's health care bills, they will pay what is known as the negotiated rate. This can be half what the hospital charges those who have no medical insurance. Even if you do not qualify for an insurance policy, you may be able to qualify for the same kind of discount.

You will have more alternatives available to you if you're able to get health and maternity insurance before you are pregnant. However, there may be options available to you even if you are pregnant before you start looking for maternity coverage.

Be sure to investigate all your options if you're already pregnant and are without maternity insurance. Doing so can save you a lot of money.

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