Finding a nanny using reputable sources other than those recommended by friends and neighbors, can be a disheartening task. Nannies and babysitters that come highly recommended are almost always unavailable for the very fact that they are reliable and are highly in demand.

Finding a nanny through online babysitter websites facilitate the search but is not always a guarantee that you will be getting the best in child care. Their babysitters and nannies are pre-screened and background checked but the level of confidence for the quality of child care services you will get, will also depend on the reviews of previous employers. Hence, your choices are again limited to those who are highly in demand and often unavailable.

If one will search further, another good source of information for highly qualified nannies are the associations of child care providers, who aim to maintain quality in their profession. There is the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) which was set to establish the highest standards in the field of caregiving.

The nannies included in their listings are considered as accredited members, and their accreditations mean they have passed the high standards of the association in family child care. Hence, finding a nanny through NAFCC is another option for your source of reliable and competent child caregivers.

What is the Significance of an NAFCC Accreditation?

The accreditation status signifies that the individual or an organization has passed a standard set forth as highly recommendable. As an accredited member, the professional nanny or babysitter or a babysitter agency will commit themselves to betterment by continuously enhancing their knowledge and methods in providing child care services.

As a professional nanny or as an agency that provides nanny services, they will allow their peers to review the quality of their child caring performance to ensure that high quality standards upheld by the association are maintained.

Finding a Nanny with NAFCC Accreditation

In finding a nanny or a babysitter, you can use NAFCC’s search engine tool to look for available child care providers in your area. Their search tool will provide you with names and their locations. To actually meet up with these highly qualified nannies and babysitters, you have to search for their phone numbers in telephone directories.

To widen your child care resources in locating these nannies and babysitters, you may ask assistance from the Child Care Aware Organization which is a referral agency program subsidized by the Child Care Bureau of the Office of Family Assistance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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