Usually for common eyes, a treasure may be anything shiny. For a master, no treasures have to shine to be valuable. In fact, the most valuable things are immaterial. So, let me ask you... What is your treasure? Please take a brief moment to answer this question for yourself. Life is too short for us to be indifferent to the meaning and gifts that every moment provides. "The impossibility is for small minds". Like wisely says a great master (my mother); If my plans proceed from God, they have to be big enough so he fits on them! There is no point in living knowing exactly what to expect of everything. There is no risk, excitements, surprises... creation. That can't be called a life but survival mode.

Have you catch yourself playing small? Doing enough? Enjoying of no wonders of your comfort zone in order to protect you from the danger of unknown factors? The magic of life lies precisely on that route where our heart is inspired but usually our mind stop us. Have you identified what inspires you? Have you defined your true way? Having cleared these answers is having a map to the best of your treasures.

Our treasure may be more than one. Health is a treasure. Honor your marriage is a treasure. Having a Family is a treasure. You may spend all your life searching for happiness, complementation, and plenitude. However, if you are not accessible to expand your territory risking everything putting yourself on the line, moments in life will pass you by. I have met many people that used to say "I love to learn and keep on looking for what is next" And guess what? That is exactly what they got; a long years of searching without finding, making a PhD on Searching. They never took any action focus to find. And that's a common way of avoiding. Wonderful motive to promote in front of the people of our lives, in the other side, we are just covering up our fear and laziness to really experience our next level.

Finding treasures is about looking inside, within. Transformation never takes place on the outside world but on the inside. It takes honesty, acceptance not resignation. It's about love, pay attention to details of the wonders of life itself.

So, are you asking to yourself how you can find and use your treasure? Here I give you some hints:

Be Humble. Simplicity provides better visibility.
Think and Manifest outside your Comfort Zone. If you haven't experience any breakdown lately, you are not expose to life. You are ok. And that's the problem!

Connect with the inner glance. So you can Identify and discover. To look inside is a big challenge for human beings. It's also infallible technique of happiness.

Experience your Experience. No treasure is unreachable or out of sight. Be accessible to experiment new experiences without fear. Build your confidence and be focus on your true heart wisdom.

Take Specific Actions daily in basis. Vision without action is just a good idea! Wanting is not enough. It takes put some committed action from us if we wish to see results.

Well yes, I know. These are quite challenging tasks specially if we have been living a life in "OK Mode" But you know? Try it! Experience the unpredictable, the exiting; the creation experience is a life changing experience. No Reaction (Re-action; do the same again) will take you to enlighten moments or happiness on any level. So, common! Take time to live without surviving…You deserve to have that greatest time of your life. Go for it! Before is too late. Life is full of treasures. Go and find yours. God bless you!

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Saritza Zambrana is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. And how create a highly successful and meaningful personal and professional life attracting and evoking spiritual community in their leadership practice. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Certified Coach, transformational trainer, Yoga teacher and latin magazine collaborator. To experience Saritza's coaching and find out more about her programs access: