Finding Your Soul Mate – The Answers May be Found in the Face.

According to published statistics, the number of failed marriages is now at sixty percent and higher. Couples get so caught up in the emotions of the relationship that they blind themselves to the differences that may come up. Understanding your own traits and those of your partner, is the first step toward creating a meaningful relationship.

Personology, or Face Pattern Recognition, which is the relationship between the physical structure of the face and personality, identifies the personality traits within an individual. It is a new approach that is being used to determine whether a couple is compatible or not. It identifies the personality challenges that may come up within a relationship including the traits they have in common.

For example, when the outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner, these individuals come across as being very critical. This can be a challenge between couples, they can never please their partner. Some people have stated that they grew up with critical parents and are very aware of the tendency in themselves, therefore develop a greater sensitivity towards their partner and children. Choice always supercedes structure.

Individuals with close set eyes (Low Tolerance) may appear to over react to situations, whereas the wide-set eyed individual (High Tolerance) is more laid back. They will see their close set eyed partner as being very intense and focus on situations until they become bigger than life.

If the woman – will name her Ann - is very competitive and her partner – Dan - is more laid back and a procrastinator, this can be another challenge. Ann will constantly nag at him, which can wear the relationship down. In the end it could be such a huge issue that Ann will just give up and move on. One young man shared that this was the reason his parents separated. The more we are aware of the traits that create issues, the better couples can work together. As one man stated when he discovered some of his wife’s inherited traits “Oh, I thought you did that to annoy me.”

Learning how to identify each other’s personality traits will help you better understand and recognize the behavioral tendencies that create challenges within the relationship. People are who they are. Moving in together or getting married does not mean your partner will change his/her ways. If you care enough about each other, then be prepared to work out the differences that are bound to come up. Face Pattern Recognition gives couples a “heads up” about what to expect.

The more couples know about the person they are thinking of living with the better the chances of the relationship working. We all have challenges, it’s what we do about them and the way we communicate that can make a significant difference in the quality of the relationship. Ask yourself how would it feel if you were on the receiving end of some of your comments or reactions.

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Naomi Tickle is an International face reading expert, career consultant and author of... What Makes People Tick and Why – The answers are in the face. Her presentations are informative and entertaining. She encourages audience participation throughout the presentation. If you are looking for a speaker that offers new insights into human behavior, you will not be disappointed. It explains what makes people tick and why.

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