Whether it is for finances, relationships, work, and many more, the tarot has been used to give people advice and insights. Sometimes, however, the answers that are given by tarot cards can be long and complicated. Especially when it comes to love, some people want answers that are direct, short and simple.

Well, if you want answers that can be answered by yes or no, then tarot cards can help you with that. With yes or no tarot, you can get simple and quick answers to the questions that are bothering you the most. If used right, this kind of tarot can help you find your true love.


The simple answer to this question is yes. However, the effectiveness of yes or no tarot is dependent on the quality of your question. Formulate the right questions by adding a time frame to narrow down the answer.


With regards to the interpretation, you can either make a list of your own or find one on the Internet. If you do decide to make a list of your own, gather all of your cards and assign a yes, no, or maybe. However, if you are going to make a list of your own, then be sure to be objective. Do not change the answer if you pulled a card you did not like.


With the yes or no tarot, asking questions may look and sound simple. As with any topic, you can ask any questions. However, there is always the right way to ask questions. Especially with the yes or no tarot, you need to ask the right questions if you want definite answers. Take note that you will only get yes or no answers supplemented by a piece of short information. Do not ask open-ended questions or questions that cannot be answered by yes or no. For example, do not ask questions like:

• When will I find my true love?

• What can I do to meet my true love?

• How can I attract someone?

Do not ask questions that are vague and can give you an indefinite answer. For example, asking the tarot if you will meet someone new can give you an indefinite answer. That someone can mean anyone whom you have never met before.

If you want satisfactory answers, then ask questions that are specific and answerable by yes or no. For example, you can ask questions like:

• Will (name of person) talk to me?

• Can I find true happiness if I marry (name of person)?

• Will I have the right chemistry with (name of person)?


Of course, you can refine your questions even more by adding time frames. Take for example, if you want to know when a person you like will talk to you, or you want that person to ask you on a date, then you can add a specific time.
You can formulate your question like this:

• Will (name of person) talk to me tonight?

• Will (name of person) ask me on a date by the end of the week?


1. Make all the necessary preparations

The preparation involving a yes or no tarot reading is essentially the same as with any tarot reading. Before you start, find a comfortable space, and formulate a good question. Whether you are doing the reading for yourself or a client, you need to understand the question first.

2. Be mentally and physically prepared

Make sure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or tired. Remember that you need to have a mental connection with the cards. Having a tired, distracted, or stressed mind, can hinder you from performing the reading well.

3. Doing the actual tarot reading

Before drawing, shuffle your deck first, and ask the question. The number of cards that you will draw will depend on the spread that you have chosen. If you want the fastest way to your questions, then you can draw a single card.

If you do not want to shuffle, then you can choose a random card from your deck, or you can spread the cards on a table and choose a card.


Of course, in yes or no tarot, you may get answers that you do not like. However, remember that tarot cards are meant to guide someone only. Whatever answers you received, you have to think twice before you act on it. If you received unsatisfactory answers, then ask yourself if you formulated the right question. If it was and you received answers that you did not like, then do not be discouraged. Think of it as a chance to learn more about yourself, and ask yourself why you received that answer.


Of course, you can use other tarot spreads to gain more insight than just from a single card. If you want to learn more about yes or no tarot, then you can read this article Yes no tarot. The article can teach you more tarot spreads that can help you gain more insight and clarification. Also, the article can explain more about yes or no tarot, and why it is an effective approach in answering your most pressing questions. If you are having trouble formulating a question, then this article can guide you through on how to ask the right questions. Just click the link, and you will find yourself getting the hang of yes or no tarot!

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