Most dogs are den animals and often like retreating to their confined space. Other than the mental and emotional aspects, they know these crates will keep them safe and protected from the elements when being on the road. Not to forget, it solves their other behavioural issues like barking and chewing.

All these make it important to have an appropriately sized dog kennel that allows them to comfortably stand up, sit down, and even have a large enough door to let them climb through. When searching for a quality canine canopy; you will find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, structure, dimension, and in different materials. And, this could make the whole task a bit confusing.

Choosing The Appropriate Dog Crate:-

  • To help you find the right UTE dog cage; you need to understand the size/shape of the dog (the height)- right from their shoulders to their paws.
  • You also have to measure from the tip of their nose to the end of your tail (the length).

Keeping them in mind, look to purchase a dog cage which is slightly more in measurement. With that; you also need to check the weight of the dog and purchase a cage which is strong enough to bear their weight adequately.

Furthermore; if your canine friend is pampered and needs a pillow or some cushioning, feel free to add another few inches to the equation.

Keep In Mind The Nature Of Your Canine Friend:-

Another key aspect which you should keep in mind when selecting the right dog cage is the nature of your dog. In the market; you will get soft-sided dog crates, plastic dog crates, wooden dog cages, metal dog cages, etc.

  • Soft-sided dog kennels are ideal for angry dogs who can’t stop thrashing, barking, chewing on the cage door.
  • Wire cages are best for those who love to look out when on the move
  • And wooden, plastic or metallic cages are meant for those dogs who have to get over their anxiety of separation.

Furthermore; you also need to pay attention to the door of the dog cage- be it for a plastic crate, wire crate or even for custom-made crates. If the gaps and hinges are too soft, they can be chewed off by their jaws.

Simply put- the strength of the UTE dog cage should be more when you have a strong and confident dog breed such as Terriers or Labradors.

However, if you are looking for the right blend of strength and longevity, the best option would be to opt for custom-made steel cages to handle them better and keep them obedient on the move.

You can discuss your needs with a quality supplier specialising in quality steel made products in Brisbane and meet your specifications.

  • You will get large-sized- UTE crates measuring approximately 1495mm x 695mm x 820mm high. They also come with a 75x50 mesh and 25x25 box for its appropriate framing.
  • Medium Crate measuring approximately 1230mm x 625mm x 810mm high, accompanied with a 75x50 mesh and 25x25 box for training.
  • And Small crate measuring approximately 910mm x 605mm x 820mm with a 75x50mm mesh and 25x25 box for their training.

So, get in touch with a notable steel product manufacturer and supplier and specify your UTE dog cage requirements. These top-shelf companies always consist of a wide range of steel materials, and depending on your requirement; they will custom design it keeping your wanted specs in mind.

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The author "Adrian Little Design & Manufacture"
a quality supplier specialising in quality steel made products in Brisbane. Over the years, the author has catered to different client needs such as steel sliding gates, tables, trolleys, benches, building posts, sliding gates and even UTE dog cages, and continues to do so.