There was once a time not so long ago when having a job was a luxury. However, in today’s age of cut-throat competition, even keeping a job has become highly demanding. So, in times like these how should one sustain in a job?
Shortage of Time
We are living in an era where we are increasingly running out of time for even our regular household chores. We do not have time for our family; we do not have time for our friends; we do not have time to go for a movie or an evening out with our loved ones; and most critically, we do not have time for ourselves! We are constantly pushing ourselves at our jobs so that we can manage to make our ends meet in a decent manner.
So, today, finding the ‘right’ career has become ever more critical. But how would one know what is the ‘right’ career for them?

The BIG Misconception!
They say that you should simply follow your passion when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ career for yourself. Unfortunately, the reality is that following your passion blindly will lead you to nowhere in terms of your career. It is probably the biggest misconception while choosing a career for yourself. And eventually, you may end up doing either of the following:
(a) pursuing your passion but not getting paid enough
(b) well paying job but no work satisfaction
(c) neither of the above two

The ‘Ideal’ Career
The ‘ideal’ career for an individual is the one where he/she is good at and which also gives them the freedom to do what interests them. If you can find a job which is an amalgamation of the two, rest assured you will flourish in your career like anyone else. But before you embark upon a journey to find your ‘right’ career, you need to do two things - firstly, find out what is it that you love doing the most, and secondly, what are you good at doing i.e. your strengths.

Once both these things have been clearly mapped out, all you need to do then is to figure out a career or a job that suits both and you are sorted for life. Else, you would either be consulting an astrology expert, keep referring to your career horoscope or figuring out your lucky date and time on a numerology calculator for the right career.

Strength + Interest: The Awesome Twosome
You will always excel in a career where you do what you are good at and what interests you the most. Let us now break the previous statement and find out why. If you are good at something, then your chances of building upon it are quite high. It is always easier to build upon your strengths than your weaknesses. You can only become better, or average, in doing something that you are not good at. However, you can go on to become the very best at doing something which you are already good at and that should precisely be your goal while choosing your career.

As far as your interest is concerned, you are much more likely to stick to and do well in a job which makes you want to come back to office every day. If you are stuck in a redundant job, then you will not be motivated to come to work at all and it will affect your performance, and eventually, your productivity. So doing something that interests you is as crucial as working towards strengthening your positives when you are in the look-out for the ideal career.So, now that you know the ingredients to cook that ‘perfect’ dish called the ‘right career’, go out there and have a feast all your life!

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