Undoubtedly, the greatest asset any nation can have is its people. Without the contribution of the most resourceful people to the country's economy, no nation can reach its highest potential. The same is the case with any organization. Any organization or business flourishes because of the people in it. The contribution from the most resourceful people in the business or organization plays a significant role in the sustainable growth of all the organizations.

When any organization refers to its ‘people’ as ‘assets’, what economic value does this intangible asset carry? It is certainly things like their experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities. But here, the question that arises is how will the value of these intangible assets get impacted? This is where HCM steps in.

The end goal of HCM is to optimize and maximize the economic or business value of an organization’s human capital, helping it gain a competitive advantage. Organizations have started realizing the importance of HCM and have joined hands with companies with exceptional HCM tools and platforms.

The key focus of HCM companies is to adapt to the upcoming culture and make businesses feedback-driven companies. They have brought a drastic transformation into the HR arena and have benefited both employers and organizations. Their solutions and techniques provide a productive working environment for organizations, creating multiple growth opportunities. Their process involves communicating and engaging with people and streamlining their performance according to their skill sets, ensuring that they grow happily and faster. There is a continuous improvement in these processes. When the pandemic hit and disturbed businesses' operations, these HCM companies helped those businesses keep everything aligned.

The HR industry is embracing the new HCM technologies and tools to boost the efficiency and productivity of employees. HCM has become a platform where HR companies want to implement these modern tools to enhance employee experience. This has also enabled organizations to propose the best solutions at the right stage and move towards more data-driven tools.

It is currently the right step for businesses to optimize HCM because of the shift of digital tools due to the pandemic, as there will be a lot more competition in the future. The need of the hour is to increase recruiting ability by identifying the best candidates and avoid missing top talent. The future is with HCM in recruitment innovation, and over the next few years, it will be more developed with the business ecosystem.

Considering the significance of HCM, Insights Success has enlisted life-changing HCM companies in its upcoming edition- [The 10 Most Innovative HCM Companies Revolutionizing Workforce](https://magazines.insightssuccess.com/The-10-Most-Innovative-HCM-Compani...). These companies strive to be the best in the industry by providing the best-in-class services for the employees.

Emerging as one of the best HCM solution companies is the Cover Story of this edition - [PayServ Systems](https://www.insightssuccess.com/payserv-systems-wired-differently-hcm-se...). PayServ Systems’ purpose has been not only to have the best cloud-based HCM solution in the country but also to employ the world’s best employees to grow, stretch and service the fully integrated End to End software and service solution.

Learn about more such companies featured in this edition. Also, while flipping the pages you may come across CXO standpoints by industry veterans and striking articles drafted by our in-house editorial team.

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