Kitchen Granite counter tops are long lasting and bear to heat. They also do not need extra maintenance. There are different kinds of granite to select from like green cream, blue, course black, brown etc. Finding the best granite countertop for your kitchen requires a lot on selecting the most appropriate finish because lot of finishes need various textures and aspects which can completely differentiate the style of the kitchen. commonly, granite is available with polished, honed and flamed.

1. Polished granite (glossy finish)

Polished granite is most used granite for countertops in kitchen which is reflective and used to create the small kitchens larger spaces. This granite is bright, shiny and tends to improve the crystals of the stone and colour. A polished granite will create the color of the kitchen shows much darker and richer. The advantages of a glossy finish is that it emphasize the bright new look, which can create the kitchen shows brighter. Apart from that, this type of granite is also need very low-maintenance work. Glossy granite can easily damaged if strong home cleaners are used. The scratches also bear to be more clear since it has a bright surface. The best option to keep a glossy granite counter top is to clear it with soap and water, then clean it dry.

2. Honed granite (matte finish)

Honed granite countertops for kitchen are not polished. For a more beauty look, we advise combining the honed granite with kitchen cabinets that have a bright surface.This countertops have a easy surface like glossy finish, they do not exhibit scratches easily. However unlike glossy finish, this granite countertops can stain easily. This type of matte finish can really create the color of the stone fade.

3. Flamed granite (rough finish)

The uneven texture of this type of rough finish creates it look like normal stone. This look suits simple kitchens and it matches strong with wood. We surely recommend this granite finish for the rustic kitchens as well.

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