This article is not about finding a good attorney for a DUI (“Driving Under the Influence”). 

This particular post is about finding the very best Criminal Defense Attorney, when you REALLY need one, meaning that you are alleged to have committed a much more serious crime, and without a solid and convincing defense, you could be going to prison.

Criminal Defense

This talented, experienced and capable Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney will not simply making one or two Court appearances for you.  This Attorney will be meeting with you many times, and spending a whole lot of time preparing for your Criminal Trial.  So when you meet with this Attorney, they need to make a good impression for you, but YOU also need to make a good impression for the Attorney, because they will be depending on you to make their very tough and difficult job “doable.”

By making their job “doable,” we don’t necessarily mean convincing your Criminal Defense Lawyer that you are not guilty of the Criminal Offense that you are charged with.  We mean that you need to convince your prospective Attorney of one of the following two (2) bases for their representation of you.  Either:

  • Not only are you not guilty of the crime or crimes as charged, but also that you come across as an intelligent, and reasonably articulate witness in your defense, and lastly, that you will be cooperative and easy for your Attorney to deal with;




  • Although you may in fact be guilty of the crime or crimes that you are charged with, or some lesser, included criminal charge, you nevertheless come across as being an intelligent, and reasonably articulate witness in your defense, and lastly, that you will be cooperative and easy for your Attorney to deal with.



When you first meet with your prospective Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles, make sure that you are at your very best.  Be on time for your appointment – but not early – and you probably should think about that when you schedule it.  It would be better to schedule your initial office visit for 11:00 a.m. in the morning, rather than for 9:00 a.m.  Dress appropriately (more specifics on this subject, later).  Be sure to:

  • Remember that from the very first moment that you talk to your Attorney, whether by telephone or in person, Everything that You Say is “Privileged” and “Confidential,” whether you’ve hired the Attorney, or not;


  • Bearing this in mind, Always Be One Hundred Percent (100%) Honest with your Attorney – it’s “Privileged” and “Confidential,” so being honest will not hurt you, and more likely, will help you, by helping your Attorney represent you in Court, in the very best way possible;


  • Answer All Questions Directly and Fully, since your Attorney is not merely asking in order to hear the substantive information. Your Attorney is also listening to how you answer the questions, and observing whether or not you come across as “Credible”;


  • Answer All Questions Forthrightly, because answers like “I would never … “ or “How could I ever get away with …” are not forthright answers. Responses of this sort will lead your Attorney – and eventually, the Judge and Jury – to conclude that either the question, or its answer, makes you feel very uncomfortable.  Instead, you would do better to say “I did not do that …” or “That is simply not what happened”;


  • Do Not Change or Alter Your Natural Demeanor In Any Way. If you generally do not use hand gestures while you speak, don’t do it now.  If you generally do use such gestures, it’s best that you continue to do so.  When someone “fidgets” as they talk, that does not necessarily show anxiety, if you do that all the time.  But if you normally fidget, and stop for your interview, or vice versa, it communicates to your Attorney, Judge or Jury that something has disturbed your standard habits.



The Prosecutor, the Judge and the Bail Agency usually base their recommendations on the seriousness of the current Criminal Charge, your prior Criminal Record, any past failures to appear, Parole/ Probation status, and when there are any charges pending, in addition to the one at issue.

Misunderstandings and mistakes at Bail Hearings are commonplace, and for that reason, you really, really need a capable and experience Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney at your side.  Your Attorney can accomplish a lot, maybe even “moving mountains” for you.

But don’t be “bowled-over” by an Attorney that uses big words, and dresses impeccably.  Bail Hearings are won not by fancy – or even brilliant – constitutional or statutory arguments, but instead, you will do well based on your Attorney’s clear and concise presentation of accurate facts and information, and your Attorney’s hard work in finding witnesses and documents to corroborate those fact.  A really good Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney will have investigated your Criminal Record thoroughly (you want this), in order to verify absolutely everything you say.


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