There comes a point when it may not be practical to take full responsibility for taking care of a family member. Age or illness can make the daily needs of a parent, grandparent or spouse formidable—especially if you work or have other family members to care for. There's nothing wrong with seeking help and support, but finding the ideal caretaker can be a challenge. Here a few ways to help in your search.

Do the research
There are numerous resources online that can help you explore your options—skilled nursing facilities, home care, and adult daycare are all possibilities. Centers Health Care, founded by Kenneth (Kenny) Rozenberg, is one of the largest post-acute healthcare continuums in the country, with over 45 skilled nursing facilities offering short term-rehab and long-term care.

Don’t settle for anything less that the best
Choose the best facility. Not only will it benefit your family member, it will also benefit you. You’ll rest easy knowing that your loved one is receiving optimum care.

Keep the lines of communication open
Don’t take the entire burden upon yourself. Talk to your all of your family and friends, including the person for whom you are seeking care. Build trust and a support network. It will make a world of difference.

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