More than 90 percent of Americans pray daily, according to a 2002 Gallup Poll. People seeking guidance and comfort through prayer often are led to Silent Unity, a nonprofit service dedicated to providing personal, confidential prayer support to all who seek it.

Silent Unity receives more than 2 million requests for prayer support each year from all over the world by telephone, mail and through the Internet. Silent Unity is the prayer ministry of Unity, a worldwide movement of prayer, publishing and education that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles to their daily lives.

Silent Unity shares the following requests with the permission of those requesting prayer.

I’ve asked God for guidance in a job situation, but don’t feel like I’m receiving any answers. How do I recognize God’s guidance?

God within you is your one true source of wisdom, the light that directs you in all you do. As you pray for guidance, expect that you will receive it. God’s guidance may come as a feeling, an inner knowing, and this direction becomes clear to you in the circumstances of your life. As you follow the guidance you receive in prayer, you will be filled with a deep sense of peace and the assurance that you are on the path to your highest good.

Please join us in this affirmative prayer: “I am open to the wisdom of God, and as I follow God’s guidance, my life is full and satisfying.”

My father is caregiver to my mother, who is nearing the end of her life. Please pray for their strength and peace as they spend this time together.

Your parents are enfolded in our loving thoughts and in our prayers for peace and strength. The love of God is infinite and eternal and this love sustains your parents now. With God’s love to guide, strengthen and bless them, we see them filled with peace. United in divine love, they are comforted and sustained each day.

We invite you to affirm this thought: “You are one with the love of God, and you are filled with strength and peace to meet each day.”

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Wayne D. Shemwell, Sr. is a former member of the United States Marine Corp holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Divinity. Rev. Shemwell has also been active for a number of years in the local community. He has been married to Dr. JoAn Shemwell for 23 years; they have two children Wayne, Jr. (21) and Whitney (19). Rev. Shemwell served as Pastor of First Baptist Church of LaGrange KY for three years. Currently he is the director of New Harvest Ministries located in Louisville KY.

He is a lifetime member of the NAACP and has served as treasurer for the Louisville, KY branch. Additionally he has served as unit commissioner for the Boy Scouts and Chairperson for the Louisville Urban League’s Annual Youth Golf Scramble. Furthermore Rev. Shemwell hosted and produced for eleven years the award winning community affairs television program the Shemwell report.

He served as the chaplain for the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office and as the press secretary for Interdenominational Ministerial Coalition as well as a board member of other community organizations. He is also the author of two books “Now Run and Tell That, the crack cocaine of the Christian community”, “Transformed By Trouble” and” The Oyster Principle, turning life’s problems into life’s pearls”