Picking a therapist will certainly not be an easy task, especially if it’s your first time picking one. You have many options , and few people that will be capable of adequately treating your problem. There are certain things that can help you and make your life easier if your current dilemma is what type of psychotherapist to choose. Remember – it’s vital that you choose wisely , since this is the person you’ll share most of the deep and personal details of your life with – you need someone who will constructively use them in order to help you and not someone who will abuse them or do nothing useful with them.
Choosing a psychotherapist (or as we say in Denmark - professionelle psyko terapeut is definitely not easy. One of the most often recommended steps is to ask yourself whether you’re more comfortable with a male or female psychotherapist. This may not seem all that important, but since your therapist is the person who will bother with your mental status, it’s best to pick someone of the gender you’ll feel most comfortable with. Merely choosing one of both at this point will make your search quite more easier, since there are more female psychotherapists than male.
A quality you should look for in your psychotherapist is empathy. The problem with detecting an empathic therapist is the fact that there’s no actual way of knowing that your therapist is empathic. Simply put, you’ll have to trust your gut feeling to tell you if the person you’re talking to can be trusted with such intimate details of your life. If the person seems friendly at first , that can be a very good quality, one that you should look for in a psychotherapist and in people in general. You would want a cold-hearted , practical and dry therapist , who will only make your problems deteriorate.
There are also many different types of therapy that a psychotherapist performs. It’s good to know some basic information about the most popular ones of them so that you’ll know how to wisely make your choice. You can research the topic online if you’d like more information, but the very basics of what you should know can be summarized in a few sentences.
Psychoanalysis is longer lasting and may not seem satisfactory at first, but it can deal with more complex problems and find the reasons for a person’s behavior by analyzing his or her past.
Cognitive-behavioral therapies are great for overcoming fears and phobias, because of the fact that these therapies are based on the notion that the person should accept and face their fears, one act at a time , until they are no longer problems.
Humanistic-existential therapy, of which Gestalt theory and therapy are part, involves allowing the person to find out what he truly is ,and through that, find the will to change his habits and evolve to a higher state of mind and of living. These therapies are great for people who tend to overanalyze their situations and will be of great use to them.

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