Your dentist is not just someone you go to for a good cleaning sometimes (though that is a small part of what they can do). They are an important factor in your oral health and the oral health of your family. When you or they have dental problems, pain, damage, bleeding and so on, they are the person who can help diagnose and treat you. They are the ones who can watch out for things like oral cancer. They are a partner in keeping your gums and teeth healthy, which is good for your overall health too. Finding a great family dentist, Cheshire based is important. Here is a look at four things to think about when you need a professional and experienced family dentist.

  1. Check their qualifications and experience – Always check that they are qualified and have a license to practice. You can look on their website to check their credentials. If there are several dentists at their Hungerford dentist surgery then it is a good idea to look into all of their backgrounds and experience. You should also look for evidence that they continue to learn new things as new techniques and equipment are developed.
  2. Do you have specific needs? - Do you have someone in the family who has a phobia about seeing a dentist? You should then look specifically for a dentist with a lot of experience in dealing with patients who have a strong fear. Ask about their technique for relaxing their patients.
  3. What are your family needs? - Every family has different needs so what might work well for one family might not suit yours. If you have very young children that will need care does the dentist Cheshire accept young children as patients? Some can treat older children but not very young. Do you need a place that is wheelchair accessible? Would you want to have all the appointments for each family member blocked together so you can bring everyone in at the same time? Some can handle that and some cannot. Do you have an elderly parent and so also need a dentist with experience in treating seniors?
  4. Check out the office – How is the receptionist when you talk to them? Do they answer questions well and are friendly or do they make you feel like you are interrupting them? There is a lot you can pick up just from your talk with them. Do they offer a free consultation which is a good time to get a feel for the dentist, and to check out the equipment they use and what kind of condition everything is in and the cleanliness of the dentist's office.


When you are looking for a Hungerford dentist for your family you need to spend a little longer than if it was just for you. You have other people to think about in terms of suitability and experience after all. Hopefully, you will find a great dentist who can help you and your family for many years to maintain good oral health.

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