As you probably can tell that I am passionate about golf. Anyone who plays golf or bowls knows that there are times when your mind can get you down. There are times that you wonder if you ever golfed or bowled before because nothing is working or you may have a good round or game going and want to keep it going. Another situation may be you need to hit a risky shot or have a tough spare to pick up and your mind sometimes gets in the way. When I am with my good friends golfing or bowling I get a boost of inspiration in a simple way.

My boost of Inspiration

On the golf course my little boost of inspiration is the above golf ball. That ball is from the Bank my dad used to work at for a long time. I have that ball on my golf cart with the logo facing towards me during each round. He is another boost of inspiration when I have a tough shot or may have had a bad hole or bad break. I look at his ball and ask my dad for some help or thank him for a awesome shot. It may sound silly but it does help. So what is your golf ball that inspires you?

Getting upset over work or play
I know life is too short and just like the above example of golf ball inspiration I hear employees at work who say they wish they were not there, also at bowling or golf I hear people say that they are going to quit. I tell them that there is a lot of people who would love to be here working or if at golf or bowling I would say that my dad would love to be able to bowl or golf one more time.

Shaun White – Olympic Snowboarder

I was watching the evening news before I went to bowling and they were talking about Shaun White and they asked him how he does it so well with all the pressure. He said something to the fact that he is able to turn off his left side of his brain and only use his right side of the brain. That is amazing, I feel we all at times over analyze things with our left side of the brain and don’t let our right side of the brain do it’s work in a creative way. I know when I over analyze a shot I normally mess up. They say 80% of the time your first thought is the best one.


Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. — Dale Carnegie

Live to be happy

Being happy is a choice. Material things or people don’t make us happy. Only we can make ourselves happy. It is a choice to wake up in the morning and be happy about going to work or not. I know in the business work people that are happy and positive seem to get more work done and get the promotions. Outside of work I know that people I like to be around are positive and happy. It isn’t any fun to be around someone who always is negative and brings you down.

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