Not everyone has the option of enlisting their family members and friends to watch their children. For those of us that have to find a reliable babysitter, it is hard to know where to start looking for a babysitter. Some of us might lean towards local high school students and others might place an ad in their local newspaper.

Then there is the method many parents are opting to use to find a reliable babysitter, the internet. You can find an array of websites that you can sign up for to find reasonably priced, reliable and trustworthy babysitters. Once you find a few babysitters that you like, you can them perform a background check to ensure they will be a perfect match for your children.

Do not just sign up for a online babysitting service. You should investigate the service before you give your hard earned money for a fee. To do this you can type in the name of the website and then the word “complaints”. You will have a variety of results come back. Read through them, more than just the words in bold print and determine if the website is worthy of your money.

You should also read the testimonials on other websites about the website you are looking into. Normally, if a product or service is good, we tell people. If you find a lot of reviews and testimonials about the site, begin to notice the style of writing, names of those testifying to the service and things of this nature.

This should be red flags if they seem similar and the names are the same yet pictures are different. Once you see something like this, you know someone was hired to post those testimonials. This should also be an indicator of a less than professional and reputable website to do business with.

Don’t let one or two scam sites discourage you. There are several legit sites that can help you find a reliable babysitter, such as and Both of these sites are amazing when it comes to pairing babysitters with families.

They truly have gone the extra step to ensure the sitters on their websites are reputable, reliable, trustworthy and caring. Reading the testimonials and reviews that previous employers have left for these sitters is a great way for newcomers to feel a little more comfortable.

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