What does a voice with resonance sound like?

A speaker with a resonant voice exudes confidence, credibility and conviction. It draws you in and keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat.

A leader with a resonant voice radiates passion, authority and humanity. It leaves you impact and inspires you to take action.

A friend with a resonant voice permeates authenticity, warmth and empathy. It ensures you to pen your heart and let go of the trouble.

You, with a resonant voice, start to tap into not only the potential of your voice, but the potential of you. When your voice starts to move freely out of you, you become open with your thoughts, feelings and the words you say. Your voice and you are then congruent.

That's the power of resonance. It makes you authentic and magnetic.

What is resonance?

Resonance is the amplification of sound by sympathetic vibration in your body, resounding in your five major cavities (nose, mouth, throat, voice box, and chest). When you speak with resonance, your whole body is vibrating in the same frequency, as well as your surrounding area. Isn't that harmonious? You are in line with yourself and the surroundings. That is why resonance is so powerful and that's why my clients who have found it are so in love with their voice.

Voice without resonance is thin and dull. It has less or no power to engage, influence and inspire. Think about the violin, cello, or guitar, if they have no resounding box to create the resonance, how terrible the sound will be!

To have a resonant voice, start with the following steps.

1. Proper breathing

You must breathe with the support of your diaphragm. There's no way for you to create full resonance in all your five cavities if your breath is shallow and restricted. Your voice will stay in your throat and sound thin, and maybe even squeezed. Many of my clients didn't attach sufficient importance on diaphragmatic breathing until they found it impossible to find their full resonance.

2. Relaxation

Full resonance is created effortlessly. If you are trying hard, you constrict your voice production. Relax every cell of your body and allow your voice to come through. When you speak, the resonance will just be there.

3. Engagement

To speak with resonance, you must engage all your five cavities, better yet, your whole body, mind and heart. When you are in line with yourself, your voice will reflect an authentic and magnetic you. Most people's voice just gets stuck in their throat and comes out lifeless, disconnected and incongruent with their thoughts and feelings.

Some people may be able to sound good, having a "beautiful" voice, but if it disconnects with their true self, it will appear no authenticity. Sooner or later, others will sense it.

Resonance is really powerful, it separates an average speaker from a great speaker, it separates an average leader from a great leader, and it makes you stand out. Commit yourself with enough time and practice, you will find your full resonance and potential.

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Cynthia is a voice and speech coach and trainer, based in Singapore. She helps you discover your inner true voice that is authentic and confident. She also helps organizations on voice and presentation skills training.
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