A Personal Development guide to finding the true you.

First and foremost…I can’t tell you what your purpose is. Your life’s purpose is buried within you…I propose to show you how to pull it out of you. I really like personal development, because It allows us the opportunity to realize the potential that lies within.

You will discover later in this book that personal development may be needed to partner with your God given talent and gift. The reason is simple to explain…it will allow you to become polished in the area that you discover within yourself.

I have felt like an outsider most of life. When I was a child I was the square, the un-cool kid, as I became a teenager I remained the square and upgraded un-coolness to the tenth power. When adult hood began to set in, I realized that I was a bonafide follower, and I decided to step out on faith and walk on the dark side.

Now I must admit there were several times over the years that I took pleasure in being different (not fitting it), I just didn’t know how to channel that feeling into something specific.

I followed that path for a very long time, not having any idea of what my purpose was. Everyone has a purpose (leaders and followers). There was an unsettled feeling within me most of my life…just waiting for someone, or something to show me what my purpose was.

In order to find your purpose you’ve got to know who you are and where you’re going. It’s not cockiness, but confidence that will be needed. You will ultimately have to identify with yourself (get to know what makes you tick) all by yourself. Those still moments in the day and night (which are needed) will be so valuable to you.

People may ask why so serious…you’ve got one shot in this life to live and although you get many chances to learn, fall, and fail…you have to make up your mind one day to do what you’re going to do. We may not always have the luxury of test driving through life…many of us take a lot of bumps and bruises to get where we are, and the clock is still ticking.

What we don’t know in the beginning is that our lives are designed for trial and error. It has been said that God gives us the power to choose. Whether it’s God giving us the power of choice, or our parents teaching us right from wrong…each and every one of us are destined to have successes and failures.

All of our successes and failures are part of the process to shape us and help us learn what our strengths are, and what we are best at. Most people don’t walk around thinking about what their purpose is, or what they are here for. Through either satisfaction or dissatisfaction we began to search for purpose.

Some people are born into roles because of who their parents are. However, the majority of us have to work very hard at maintaining a living. Please do not be mislead, I’m not implying that your purpose will prevent you from working hard. Actually, the sooner you find it (whatever it is), the sooner you’ll truly start living.

The saying is if you find a job you love…you’ll never work a day in your life. Now, if you ask me…that’s really living, especially if you’re getting paid from it. So let’s move on to the personal development aspect.

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Author's Bio: 

Sir Charles Cary Smith has had a passion for speaking as he has singing ever since he was a child. He would often question why. Why this and why that. After going to the school of Hard Knocks he seemed to excel and further his education at Bricks University.

He has learned through simple, yet painful application the answer to many of those why's he once questioned. His passion is in giving it away. Charles is currently a certified counselor a member of the National Speakers Association, and a Toastmaster's Past President, Competent Leader, ATM-Bronze.

In addition, he's been certified by Homeland Security as a Law Enforcement Instructor and a Certified Customer Service Instructor by (SQI) Service Quality Institute.

Charles believes in his heart that we all have a level of greatness that is waiting to be released. His mentor Leslie Calvin Brown has said it best in the opinion of Sir Charles. Mr. Brown has said "you've got to be willing to do the things today that other won't do in order to have the things tomorrow that others won't have".

What we need to do today is prepare ourselves mentally, prepare our families, and most importantly our children for a healthy and fruitful life. We need to be prepared to let our families and our children know what they are truly capable of and more importantly how to achieve it.