Starting the morning with a delicious and smelling cup of coffee is essential to start the day. Coffee has become a widely consumed beverage in almost everyone, due to its flavor and its very particular aroma.

There are different types of coffee: the coffee machines for professionals who are normally have large companies, or we can also find the coffee machines for domestic use which are normally seek today, and are the ones you are going to speak in this article

Each type of coffee maker has special characteristics and way of preparing a cup of coffee, for that reason it is good to know how they work and what style of coffee can be prepared with each one.

There are people who like a simple or easy-to-use coffee maker, such as manual coffee makers, and others who like a certain type of coffee better than only some coffee machines can make .

Italian coffee makers
The coffee Italian type are usually made of stainless steel and aluminum, making them sturdy and easy to handle. These types of coffee makers are the most practical to use and clean after each use, since they are easy-to-use domestic coffee makers and we can find different sizes, brands, models and colors.

One of the best- selling and best-known Italian coffee machines are the Bialetti Italian coffee machines, they are easy to use and clean, perfect if you want a simple and cheap coffee machine, without a doubt they are one of the best Italian coffee machines that exist today because of how they prepare the coffee.

How does the Italian coffee maker work? They are easy to use and very ingenious, it has two compartments and a filter where the coffee is put and from which they can be separated for better cleaning.

In the lower compartment known as the heater, it is where you have to fill with water, then you put the coffee filter (with the coffee included without being completely full), we screw the upper part with the lower one and that's it, we put it on the fire, now It only remains to wait to serve it.

With this type of coffee maker you can prepare strong coffee with a rich aroma, although after using it it is important to wash it immediately, and it is very important to mention that it should only be washed with water. If you want a strong coffee you would have to put more coffee and less water.
Italian coffee makers are inexpensive
Type of coffee: It is recommended to use a fine-grain ground coffee
Simple and easy-to-use home coffee maker
Prepare a coffee with intensity and body
French coffee maker
An inexpensive home coffee maker that makes coffee quickly and easily. You just have to put the ground coffee in the container, and once you have it, just put boiling water and that's it, you just have to wait 6 minutes to have a delicious coffee.

The French coffee maker is ideal if you like to cut the flavor of your coffee with milk or cream, since you will get a concentrated coffee. As for the coffee bean to use, coarse coffee bean is recommended.
They are coffee makers that do not need electricity
They take up very little space
They have a very simple mechanism to prepare a cup of coffee
The French coffee maker is very inexpensive and easy to clean
Coffee with a very good flavor and a lot of body
Drip coffee maker
Also called American coffee machines, the drip coffee machine can usually be found in offices because it is an economic coffee machine and some large capacity, one of the most sought after in Mexico is the Oster drip coffee machine.
How does a drip coffee maker work? It is enough to put water in the tank of the coffee machine, wait for the water to heat up so that later it begins to drip through the filter where the ground coffee is carried and this in turn is deposited in a glass pot that is in the bottom.

There are even programmable drip coffee machines that allow you to leave them programmed from a day before, they will not take time away in the morning if you want a freshly brewed cup of coffee ready to drink.

Very practical to use and simple
It is a very economical domestic coffee machine
The taste of coffee is much less intense than other types of coffee makers
Ideal coffee machine for preparing large amounts of coffee
You can place them in any small place thanks to their size and shape and it is recommended to clean the coffee filter each time it is used.
The best-selling drip coffee machines in Mexico
The aeropress machine is one of the most sought after and preferred domestic coffee machines by most of the people, as you can get a good cup of coffee every morning.

In past years it was normal that the aeropress machine was only seen in stores or bars because of the cost they had, and because of the expense that has to be made to maintain it, but that has changed thanks to the large companies that sell cheap kitchen products One of them is Oster, which has really cheap aeropress machines , like the 19 bar aeropress machine, an excellent machine for domestic coffee.

Thanks to the fact that it is a very popular hot drink, we can find express coffee machines for home use and countless models and brands of coffee machines at affordable prices and of very good quality.

One of the best domestic aeropress machines and one of the best-selling is the Hamilton Beach 40792 coffee maker , with this coffee maker you can get a strong and creamy coffee, perfect for lovers of good coffee.

It is very important to give these coffee machines a good maintenance , since they get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned more frequently so that the coffee retains the same original flavor of the bean.
You can find manual aeropress machines and automatic aeropress machines
You can prepare more types of coffee: mocha, cappuccino and you can also prepare the classic coffee with milk.
The aeropress machine is usually large
You can prepare one or two cups at a time
This coffee machine can prepare strong and intense coffee
The best aeropress machines
Capsule coffee maker
With this particular coffee machine they are not like the other coffee machines that we have seen that use normal coffee, rather they are prepackaged capsules that contain the sealed coffee.

Drip coffee makers have been very well accepted by coffee lovers, this is due to the taste of the coffee they prepare, how easy it is to use and their elegant designs and acceptable dimensions, which do not take up much space in the kitchen.

There are not only coffee capsules , we can also find coffee capsules with milk or hot chocolate. They are easy to clean and use, just open the capsule so that it can enter the hot water at the moment of inserting it and that's it.

There are two types of capsule coffee machines that are more recognized than the others: naeropress coffee machines and dolce gusto coffee machines . Unlike the other coffee machines with these you can prepare other types of hot drinks, for example hot chocolate or tea and of course, coffee from capsules of different flavors.

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